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2019 1st Place:  John Earley - "JudgesCtB"

2019 1st Place: John Earley - "JudgesCtB"

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A legend in the Redemption community, John Earley, a multi-National tournament winning Type 1 2-Player, Redemption elder, and play tester won first place with his "JudgesCtB" deck.  This deck incorporates strong "choose the blocker" (CtB) abilities (from which it derives its nickname, given by John), as well as the powerful curse, Covenant with Death.  To read more about this powerful deck, read John's deck analysis and report here!

Card value: $530.25 (50 card Deck, 10 card Reserve)
Price: $450.50

Son of God (I/J)
The Second Coming (Borderless)
Angel of the Lord
Three Woes (Borderless)
Shipwreck (Borderless) 
Christian Martyr
Falling Away (CoW)

Lost Souls
Remnant (PoC)
Exiles (PoC)
Distressed (PoC)
Prosperity (FoM)
Darkness (RoJ)
Hunter (FoM)
Lawless (CoW)

Endless Treasures (PoC)
Magic Charms (TxP)

Storehouse (P)
Sheol (PoC)
Treacherous Land (PoC)
Majestic Heavens (P)

Dual-Alignment Cards
Delivered (PoC)
King Saul (CoW)

Ehud (RoA)
Gideon (UL)
Jair (RoA)
Samuel (RoA)*
Joshua, Son of Nun (CoW)
Captain of the Host (PoC)
The Angel Under the Oak (RoA)
Angel with the Secret Name (RoA)
David, the Psalmist (CoW)
Elijah (PoC)

Good Enhancements
Samuel's Edict (RoA)
Ehud's Dagger (RoA)
Tested by Fire (PoC) 
Righteous Judge (PoC) 
The Emmaus Road (PoC)
Death of Firstborn (PoC)

Evil Characters
The Lying Prophet (PoC)
Profane Daughters (PoC)
Medium in Endor (CoW)
Necromancer (PoC)
Persian Horsemen (PoC)
Gomer (TxP)
The Serpent (P)
The Deceiver (RoJ)

Evil Enhancements
Divination (TxP)
Death of Unrighteous (Pa)
Confusion (CoW)
Accursed of God (PoC)

Angel of the Winds (CoW)
Uzzah (FooF)
The Amalekite's Slave (RoA)
Daughter's Grief (FoM)
Scattered (RoA)
Haman's Plot (Pa)
Reap the Whirlwind (PoC)
The Fall of Man (FoM)
Flying Scroll (PoC)
Covenant with Death (FooF)

*Samuel (RoA) has since been banned from official play.