2020 1st Place - LoC Constructed:  Tyler Stevens

2020 1st Place - LoC Constructed: Tyler Stevens

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A multi-National tournament winner, Tyler Stevens, made Redemption history by winning Redemption's newest category of play, Lineage of Christ Constructed!  Although currently not an officially sanctioned category, it opened new doors into a new type of play for Redemption players by only using cards from the Lineage of Christ expansion.  This deck's offense features powerful royal heroes with a new Throne of David to make the deck even faster than it already is.  The defense mainly relies on soul-protecting and "chump" blocking brown royal humans.  To read more about this powerful deck, read Tyler's deck analysis and report here!

Card value: $330.45 (50 card deck, 10 card Reserve)
Price: $280.00

Chronicles of the King (non-UR+)
Doubt (non-UR+)
Led Astray

Lost Souls
(7) Meek Lost Souls (I/J decks)

All the Curses

The Throne of David
Wall of Protection
Gates of Jerusalem

Dual-Alignment Cards
Speak Favorably
Acts of Manasseh
The Lord Delivers! / Am I a Dog?
Manasseh, the Humbled / the Wicked
Solomon, the Wise / the Idolater

Noah, the Righteous
Jehoiada, King Maker
Bathsheba, the Helper
Jotham, the Mighty
Jehoshaphat, the Seeker
Hezekiah, the Devout
David, Outcasts' Refuge
Josiah, the Restorer
Joshua, the Conqueror

Good Enhancements
Royal Parade
Root of Jesse
The Lord Provides
The Lord's Charge
Counsel of Abigail
David's Triumph
Solomon's Dream

Evil Characters
Ahaziah, the Wicked
Jehoiakim, Puppet King
Rehoboam, the Divider
Athaliah, Usurper Queen
Ahaz, the Unfaithful
Amon, the Forsaken
Queen Maacah
Aliens (Brown/Gray)

Evil Enhancements
Return the Captives
Foreign Horses
Solomon's Oppression
Destroying Bands

Matthew's Begats (non-UR+)
Asherah Pole
Book of the Law
Treason! Treason!
Hired Sword
Alliance Against Judah
Oath of Purity
Marriage Covenant
Covenant with Philistia
Asa, the Upright