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Brigade:  Blue Offense / Pale Green Defense

Brigade: Blue Offense / Pale Green Defense

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This blue and pale green Contender Deck has an assortment of offensive characters that utilize lone rescuers that have strong and unique special abilities, meek hero strategies, and Genesis heroes that are at their strongest when banded together.  The defense has powerful battle-winning magicians, Assyrians that play like a defensive wall, and unique lone blockers that utilize quick and strong capture abilities, all of which are hard to stop! 

Card value: $80.75 (60 cards)
Price: $60.00

Son of God (I/J)
New Jerusalem (old promo)
Angel of the Lord (J)
Guardian of Your Souls (Ap)
Christian Martyr
Rubble & Dust (FoM)
Vain Philosophy (J)

Lost Souls
Female Only
Same Reference (RoA)
Unfaithful (LoC)
6/* (FoM)
Fool (RoA)
Punisher (RoA)
Rejoice (J)

Stone Pillar at Bethel (RoA)
Covenant with Abraham (PoC)
Covenant with Noah (PoC)

Dual-Alignment Cards
Hiding Joseph’s Cup (FoM)
Forbidden Fruit (FoM)

Thomas (Ap)
Ehud (Pa)
Ira (Ki)
Eber, the Unwilling (LoC)
Judah, the Leader (LoC)
Enoch, the Pure (LoC)
Jacob, Follower of God (LoC)
Isaac, Willing Sacrifice (LoC)
Jared, the Beholder (LoC)

Good Enhancements 
The Lord Provides (LoC)
Bless the Nations (PoC)
Israel’s Bow (LoC)
Israel’s Sword (LoC)
Judah’s Intervention (LoC)
Root of Jesse (LoC)

Evil Characters
Esau, the Hunter (F)
Tubal-cain (FoM)
Women as Snares (Wo)
Enchanter (TxP)
Sorcerers (RoJ)
Profane Daughters (PoC)
The Tartan (LoC)
Mounted Forces (PoC)
Assyrian Survivor (FooF)
Messenger of Satan (Ap)

Evil Enhancements 
The Rabshakeh's Treats (LoC)
Hired Sword (LoC)
Hooked and Shackled (LoC)
Captured by Assyria (FooF)
Death of Unrighteous (Pa)
Worship of Nisroch (LoC)

Shelah, the Subsumed (LoC)
Cup of Wrath (Pr)
Blame Shifting (FoM)
Joseph's Silver Cup (PoC)
Magic Charms (TxP)
Withered Plant / The Worm (PoC)
Assyrian Affliction (LoC)
Go Into Captivity (Pi)
King Sennacherib (LoC)
Two Thousand Horses (Ki)

Deck strategy and tips:

  • You can choose to either attack with lone non-Genesis heroes, such as Thomas (who makes your enhancements CBN), Ira (who negates non-warriors and non-weapons), and Ehud (who chooses the blocker), that have unique special abilities that tend to be strong by themselves, or Genesis heroes that strongest when banded to one another.  Sometimes it's just as good to use one of your Genesis heroes for the right job, such as Eber, who can soul gen, or Enoch, who is protected from several kinds of harm.
  • Like the offense, you can choose the right blocker(s) to stop your opponent's rescue.  Your lone, unique blockers, such as Esau, Tubal-cain, and your magicians tend to work best against lone heroes (and tend to win the battle-straight away), while your Assyrians are good option to help stop an opponent's banded heroes.  
  • A great combo is to use Hiding Joseph's Cup, which you'll place on one of your opponent's evil male humans in his territory.  Then, use Ehud to rescue and choose that evil human to block.  Then, use Rubble & Dust to discard that blocker, since he has Hiding Joseph's Cup placed on him.
  • A strong card is Joseph's Silver Cup (JSC); however, the ability requires unity of Genesis heroes.  If one of your non-Genesis heroes is in territory, use cards like Israel's Sword, Israel's Bow, Root of Jesse's star ability, or some other method to bounce that hero(es) so you can now have unity to use JSC.  Also, use JSC to under deck one of your evil or neutral cards to help prepare you to use cards like Sorcerers, which require you to look at the bottom card of deck and discard it (if it's an evil or neutral card) to discard a hero.
  • Ira is strong but his ability will also negate your own enhancements, so be sure to only use him when you have Israel's Sword or Israel's Bow, which are weapons, as he does not negate weapons.
  • Judah's ability is a great way to negate a pesky evil or neutral card as you enter battle, which will give you a rescuing advantage; but it also works well when he's banded into battle with cards like Bless the Nations, as Bless the Nations will interrupt an effect that's removing your hero from battle, and will allow you to band Judah into battle and negate the removing effect.  Additionally, Judah can band to one of your other two patriarchs--Isaac or Jacob, which can make for a strong rescue.
  • Isaac's ability is really good!  First, his star ability can topdeck an animal from Reserve, which, in this deck, is Withered Plant / The Worm, which can set you up for your defense when you get the draw 2 off of Isaac (so long as there's an animal or meek hero in play, which you deck has plenty of meek heroes).  Second, he can search for one of your strongest heroes (Jacob) AND one of your strongest evil characters (Esau).  Third, he can get a draw 2 (as noted above), and fourth, he has low numbers on his special ability side, which is great to gain initiative to play a battle-winning enhancement!  If you don't need to use his special ability side, play him as meek to have a high-numbered rescuing hero!
  • Stone Pillar at Bethel is a powerful artifact!  So long as you can meet its requirements (which is easy to do with your offense), you can snag any good OT card from your deck.  The best ones to take are New Jerusalem (which, in this deck the older NJ is used, which has a Proverbs reference) or Angel of the Lord (which, in this deck, is the OT version from Exodus)!
  • Shelah is a strong hero that can be used situationally, which is why he's in your Reserve.  His ability can topdeck an evil card, but requires you control a meek lost soul.  The only way to do this (since all the souls in this deck have special abilities) is when your defense captures an opponent's character.  Once you meet Shelah's requirement, use him to begin a rescue attempt or battle challenge to topdeck a pesky blocker from your opponent's territory, or band him in and potentially win the battle with him with cards like Bless the Nations. 
  • Cup of Wrath is a great way to win a battle with your heroes:  it begins a side battle between one of your evil characters in territory and one of your opponent's evil characters.  Since so many of your evil enhancements can target any kind of character (as they are not limited to targeting heroes), you can use one of those enhancements to capture or set aside your opponent's evil character that your evil character is fighting!  A great play is to use Jared to snag it from Reserve after he converts to meek, or obtain it before hand during your prep phase with Forbidden Fruit.
  • Since your defense has a strong capture strategy, the best evil character to use for this strategy is Esau, since he makes evil capture abilities CBN.  A cool play is to use Messenger of Satan to band to Esau.  If Esau happens to get removed from battle, leaving you with Messenger of Satan, Esau's ability modifies any of your capture abilities to now be CBN, so even if MoS plays a capture enhancement, that enhancement is CBN!
  • Tubal-cain is an amazing blocker!  He can snag a weapon or artifact from deck or reserve...and with this deck, there are four weapons (two good, and two evil) and plenty of artifacts to target!  Furthermore, if your opponent used a draw or search ability during his turn, you can activate that weapon or artifact.  The best play in this scenario is to activate Go Into Captivity as an artifact.  Since Tubal-cain is a warrior, GIC will activate, allowing you to capture the rescuing hero straight-away!  And since GIC is not played in battle and is a neutral card, it will be hard for your opponent to negate it!  Another neat little trick is to use his ability to activate Magic Charms on one of your magicians in territory.  You can then discard MC to capture up to two human heroes!
  • Women as Snares is a nasty blocker!  She can capture ALL of your opponent's male evil characters in his territory!  Just make sure you use her at the right moment to capitalize on her special ability.
  • The Tartan and Mounted Forces can band to either/or, as well as to Assyrian Survivor.  Assyrian Survivor, however, is best used when he's alone as he is CBI protected from your opponent's discard abilities.  And since he has low numbers, most likely you'll gain initiative to play something like Death of Unrighteous, which will shuffle all of your lost souls back into their respective decks.
  • Once you snag King Sennacherib from Reserve, he can take one of your opponent's OT sites or OT evil fortress from his Reserve.  He can also search out any of your three Assyrians in deck.

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