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Colossae Church / Heretics

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The apostle Paul wrote the Book of Colossians in around 60 A.D. to the church in Colosse, a city in ancient Asia Minor. This was one of the 4 New Testament Books that Paul wrote from prison while he was in Rome. One of the main emphases of this letter was to establish the truth that Jesus is God, as false teachers and heretics were spreading lies at that time regarding Who Jesus is. Paul also focuses on Christian living, exhorting Christ's followers to "put on" His character and "put off" the sinful nature.

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Son of God (I/J)
New Jerusalem
Angel of the Lord
Christian Martyr
Guardian of Your Souls (Ap)
Vain Philosophy (J)

Lost Souls
Same Testament (RoA)
Shut Door (Di)
Beggar (Di)
Speed Bump (Pi)
First Round Protect (AW)
Human (RoA)
NT Only (Ap)

Golden Censer (RoJ)

Eternal Covenant (CoW)
Besieged (Pi)

The Throne of Grace (CoW)
Satan’s Seat (FooF)
Lycaonia (EC)

Dual-Icon Cards
Divide and Unify (PC)

Apphia (PC)
Archippus (PC)
Epaphras (PC)
Philemon (PC)
Onesimus (PC)
The Watchful Leaders (CoW)
The Faithful Leaders (CoW)
Timon (EC)

Good Enhancements
Bravery of Priscilla (EC)
Elymas Struck Blind (EC)
Miracle at the Gate (EC)
Peter’s Sermon (EC)
Speak with Power (EC)
Life Through Christ (FoM)

Evil Characters
Hymenaeus (PC)
Simon the Magician (EC)
Philetus (PC)
Hermogenes (PC)
Phygellus (PC)
Deluders (PC)
Imposters (EC)
Judaizers (EC)
Creeping Deceiver (Di)

Evil Enhancements
Christian Suing Another (Ap)
Nebuchadnezzar’s Pride (RoA)
Hypocrisy (EC)
Disagreement Over Mark (EC)
Leading Others Astray (EC)
Wolves in Sheep’s Clothing (Di)

Deck strategy and tips:

  • This deck is designed to protect your lost souls from rescue: Heretics’ abilities are typically designed to protect souls from your opponent; the lost souls’ restrictive abilities serve as an extra layer of protection from being rescued; and Burial also serves as a way to limit the number of souls available to your opponent; therefore, utilize these protections as much as possible.
  • There are nine Heretics in this deck so you can use the soul protecting ones as auto-blocks and let them get discarded but still win the battle (you can also heal one of them with Wolves in Sheep’s Clothing).
  • If your opponent protects your lost souls from your evil cards, or if your heretic protections are negated, you can switch your defensive strategy by playing other enhancements, such as Disagreement Over Mark, Leading Others Astray, etc, that don’t rely on soul protection and will help you win the battle.
  • Use Golden Censer to negate cards like Coliseum or Miraculous Handkerchiefs so your Heretics’ soul protection will still work.
  • Eternal Covenant can recur crucial heroes to your Colossae offense, such as Archippus.
  • The Throne of Grace will help keep your heroes in battle, and since all but one of your Enhancements are single brigade, this should be easy to do.
  • Try to play Archippus as soon as possible to make your Christ and Jesus-related Enhancements played on your Colossae heroes CBN.
  • Use Timon for soul gen since you’ll most likely have the most lost souls in play since your heretics will keep them protected from rescue.
  • So long as his exception doesn’t apply, Simon the Magician makes all of the evil Enhancements in this deck CBN, with the exception of Nebuchadnezzar’s Pride.