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Classic (Theme):  Daniel Heroes / Babylonians

Classic (Theme): Daniel Heroes / Babylonians

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When the Jewish people were held captive in Babylon by Nebuchadnezzar, they were surrounded by a nation of people who did not know or worship the one true God.  This made freedom of worship very difficult for the Jewish people.  Their difficulty climaxed when Nebuchadnezzar ordered that an idol be made in his image, and that all of those within Babylon must worship it.  While many people heeded Nebuchadnezzar’s order, there were those who worshipped the God of Israel who refused to compromise their faith and disobeyed the king’s order.  Those men were Daniel, Hananiah, Mishael, and Azariah.  As a result of their disobedience, Nebuchadnezzar ordered them to their deaths by being thrown into a fiery furnace.  However, Nebuchadnezzar and other Babylonians quickly learned who the true God was when He demonstrated His power and saved the young Jewish men!  This Contender Deck recreates that event and the subsequent visions that God gave to Daniel concerning coming future events.  Use powerful human and angelic heroes from the book of Daniel to rescue lost souls, while blocking with cunning Babylonians.
Card value: $122.00 (60 cards)
Price: $94.95
Son of God (I/J)
New Jerusalem (2019 winner promo)
Angel of the Lord
Christian Martyr
Lost Souls
Fool (RoA)
Female Only
6/* (FoM)
Gain (RoJ)
NT Only (Ap)
Site Guard (RoA)
Covenant Breakers (PoC)
Magic Charms (TxP)
Carcasses (PoC)
Fiery Furnace (PoC)
Lion’s Den (PoC)
Dual-Alignment Cards
Nebuchadnezzar (PoC)
Mene, Mene, Tekel, Upharsin (PoC)
Eternal Judgment (PoC)
Daniel, the Apocalyptist (LR)
Shadrach (Hananiah) (PoC)
Meshach (Mishael) (PoC)
Abed-nego (Azariah) (PoC)
Servants by the River (PoC)
Daniel’s Guardian (PoC)
The Foretelling Angel (PC)
Gabriel (Ki)
Jeshua, the Restorer (LoC)
Naaman’s Servant Girl (FoM)
Good Enhancements
The Coming Prince (PoC)
Undefiled (FooF)
Ruth's Vow (LoC)
Shared Meal (LoC)
Death of Firstborn (PoC)
Love Righteousness (CoW)
Angelic Guidance (I)
Evil Characters
King Belshazzar (FooF)
Belshazzar's Mother (PoC)
The Babylonian Merchants (PoC)
Astrologers (TxP)
Conjurers (PoC)
Soothsayers of Babylon (PoC)
The Winged Lion (PoC)
Nergalsharezer (FooF)
Aliens (Crim/Gold) (LoC)
Evil Enhancements
Swift Horses (FooF)
Seized by Babylon (PoC)
Nebuchadnezzar's Pride (RoA)
Belshazzar’s Banquet (FooF)
Thrown to the Beasts (CoW)
Head of Gold (FooF)
Stone Cut Without Hands (PoC)
Unbowed (FooF)
Cast into Lion's Den (PC)
Faith of Daniel (CoW)
Great Image (Pr)
Cut Off (PoC)
Lions (CoW)
Invoking Terror (FooF)
Eyes to See (PoC)
Christian Suing Another (Ap)
Deck strategy and tips:

  • The Daniel human heroes offense is very powerful when they are banded together.  More often than not, just putting these heroes into battle is enough to win a lost soul without ever playing an enhancement!  The sooner you can get them out the better your offensive strategy will be, so tutor and/or recur them with cards like Daniel’s Guardian and Love Righteousness.  Furthermore, The Foretelling Angel (TFA) is the lynch-pin of this deck as most of the cards in it are Daniel reference cards.  So try and get The Foretelling Angel in play as early as possible (Angelic Guidance is a great way to take him from deck!) to maximize TFA's ability and this deck's strengths!
  • The defense is a combination of Babylonian royalty and Babylonian magicians, both of which have powerful abilities that work well independently from each other or together. 
  • Get out your white Daniel heroes as soon as possible to maximize their rescuing power. 
  • A great combo is to have Jeshua, Daniel, and The Foretelling Angel (TFA) in play, then play Eyes to See.  Eyes to see will allow you to look at the top 3 cards of your deck and underdeck them.  This ability synergizes well with those two Heroes:  TFA can take the top card if it's a Daniel card, while Jeshua can take Eyes to See once it gets topdecked after looking at the top 3 cards.  This is an extremely fast way to deck out, or to set up your deck the way you want it in order to maximize TFA's ability.
  • Daniel, the Apocalyptist is a powerful stand-alone hero as he CBN negates fortresses evil characters and N.T. enhancements, and can look at your opponent’s hand or band to a Daniel hero. 
  • Play Shared Meal to interrupt the battle and add to battle any of your battle-winning good Enhancements.
  • Nebuchadnezzar is a powerful blocker, but you can also convert him to a hero if you need one.
  • If you need a blocker, play Covenant with David as either a good Enhancement in territory to play Lion's Deck from deck to take your Lions from Reserve; or, use it as an artifact and take Nebuchadnezzar or King Belshazzar from deck. The artifact side of Carcasses can also take your Lions from Reserve.
  • Belshazzar’s Banquet is a great way to chump-block your opponent’s rescue by protecting the lost souls from rescue.  It can also be recurred by King Belshazzar to give you two potentially powerful blocks!
  • The Babylonian Merchants is one of the most powerful defenders in the deck.  Since he’s territory-class, his ability is always on-going.  If your opponent uses a search ability, you can capture any human to any Land of Bondage, which can help generate lost souls for you to rescue, or if you capture them to your LoB so you can set up cards like Babylonian Soldiers.
  • Great Image is an amazing card that discards all of your opponent’s heroes in his territory after battle.  The best way to use this card is to wait until your opponent has a good amount of heroes in territory, then block with a low-numbered character like Astrologers or Conjurers.  Play Great Image, then play a battle-winner like Scattered (if your opponent has banded heroes) and win the battle.  Not only are his heroes that were in battle back in his deck, all of his heroes in territory are gone!
  • Defensive combo:  Use Conjurers or The Babylonian Merchants to take Christian Suing Another from Reserve.  Create a side battle with one of the rescuing heroes, and another hero in a territory.  Then, once the heroes' abilities resolve, play Strife to withdrawal all but the hero you control in the side battle.  This play will effectively win you the battle!