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Theme:  David's Mighty Men / Philistine Warriors

Theme: David's Mighty Men / Philistine Warriors

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The famous David vs. Goliath battle (circa 1000 B.C) is far more than a popular Sunday school story; it was a showdown to determine the fate of Israel! At the time, the 17 year old David was unknown to the overall nation, although he had already been anointed by Samuel as the successor to King Saul, who then without knowing this appointed David to play music for him in his royal court. But David was also a "man of war" with bold faith, and his epic victory set the dominoes in motion that would lead to him raising up the Mighty Men and becoming the greatest King in Israel's history!
Card value: $90.00 (55 cards)
Cost: $65.00
Son of God (I/J)
New Jerusalem (old promo)
Angel of the Lord
Christian Martyr
Strife (I)
Vain Philosophy (J)
Lost Souls 
Resurrection (I) 
Anti-Ignore (RoA)
Wicked (FoM)
Punisher (RoA)
Same Reference (RoA)
Foreigner (PoC)
Site Guard (RoA)
Ram’s Horn (Pi)
Altar of Dagon (FoM)
Philistine Outpost (TxP)
Hebron (FoM)
I Am Creator (AW)
Besieged (PoC)
Dual-Alignment Cards 
Foreign Sword (RoA)
Unified Language (FoM)
David the Shepherd (CoW)
Ishmaiah the Gibeonite (RoA)
Ahimelek the Hittite (RoA)
Uriah the Hittite (RoA) 
Asahel (TxP) 
Elhanan (FoM)
Ahimaaz (FoM)
Jonathan, Son of Shimei (FoM) 
Captured Kinsmen (FoM)
Good Enhancements 
Bravery of David (RoA) 
Trumpet in Zion (PoC)
Battle Cry (Pa)
Faith of Barak (CoW)
Sword of the Lord (PoC)
A Soldier’s Prayer (TxP)
Evil Characters
King Achish (CoW)
Saph (I)
The Twelve Fingered Giant (FooF)
Goliath (P)
Philistine Garrison (TxP)
Philistine Armor Bearer (FooF)
Devouring Philistines (PoC)
Evil Enhancements 
Bringing Fear (FooF)
Stricken (PoC)
Philistine Chariots & Horses (TxP)
Overwhelmed by Philistines (TxP)
Lahmi's Spear (I)
Idol Worship (FoM)
David’s Triumph (Di)
David’s Mighty Men (FooF)
Ashkelon (FoM)
Carcasses (Pi)
Ishbibenob (I)

Deck strategy and tips:

  • Bravery of David is one of the strongest enhancements in the game. Uriah the Hittite makes it "cannot be negated" by his own ability, but otherwise, be sure to have David in play when using it to make it CBN.
  • A Soldier's Prayer is a fantastic enhancement which can get your Bravery of David back from the discard pile, or situationally get whatever you need from deck or discard pile, either outside of battle or in battle!
  • With David in play (or battle) and Ahimelek the Hittite in hand or territory, use Battle Cry and several other Enhancements (and Captured Kinsmen combined with the banding Enhancements) to band in Ahimelek for a cannot be negated battle-winner!
  • Defensively, Philistine Outpost is a terrific card which keeps your supply of blockers going. Combine with Philistine Armor-Bearer to get whoever you need for the situation!
  • Saph equipped with a battle-winning weapon, such as Lahmi's Spear, is a very strong combo, as the opponent's first enhancement is prevented by Saph's ability. This means that your opponent will need a cannot be prevented or cannot be negated good enhancement which also interrupts the battle or negates your weapon.
  • Goliath (P) is extremely strong against banded Heroes (as is The Twelve-Fingered Giant, although lesser so); Philistine Garrison is great against solo Heroes.
  • King Achish's draw-and-play ability is great for speed and battle-winning; he is a great target to recur with Philistine Armor-Bearer!
  • Use Captured Kinsmen and Idol Worship for soul gen. 
  • Reserve accessing cards: “Foreigner” Lost Soul, Besieged, Elhanan, Trumpet in Zion, Devouring Philistines.