Early Judges / Canaanites (w/ Reserve)

Early Judges / Canaanites (w/ Reserve)

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The period of the judges in Israel's history was overall a dark one, although there were a few bright interventions of the Lord. The Israelites were caught in the "cycle of apostasy" during these approximately 350 years: they fell into sin, God gave them up to be attacked by their neighboring enemy nations, they cried out to God for rescue, He saved them using a Judge, and then after not much time they fell back into sin again and the cycle continued. This Contender deck features some of the early Judges, accompanied on defense by their first and oft-appearing foes during this time - the Canaanites.

Card value: $81.25 (55 cards)
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Son of God (I/J)
New Jerusalem (old promo)
Angel of the Lord
Christian Martyr
Vain Philosophy (J)
Strife (I)

Lost Souls
Same Reference (RoA)
Fool (RoA)
Site Doubler (Wa)
OT Only (FoM)
Discarder (FooF)
Anti-Angel (Pi)
Site Guard (RoA)

Idols of Canaan (FoM)
Wool Fleece (CoW)

Fortresses and Sites
Judge's Seat (RoA)
Tower of Thebez (RoA)
Hormah (FooF)

Covenant of Palestine (PoC)
Besieged (PoC)

Dual-Icon Cards
Prisoner at Gaza (FoM)

Deborah (PoC)
Othniel (FoM)
Ehud (RoA)
Gideon (CoW)
Gideon’s 300 (P)
Barak (CoW)
Shamgar (FoM)
The Angel Under the Oak (RoA)

Good Enhancements
Ehud's Dagger (RoA)
Deborah's Directive (FooF)
Trumpets and Torches (J)
Faith of Gideon (CoW)
Capturing Canaan (RoA)
Faith of Barak (CoW)

Evil Characters
Doomed Canaanites (PoC)
The Woman of Thebez (RoA)
Sisera's Army (CoW)
Canaanite Wives (FoM)
Gibeonite Delegates (RoA)
Lot’s Daughters (FoM)
King of Tyrus (PoC)
Canaan, the Cursed (FoM)

Evil Enhancements
Baal Worship (FoM)
Stricken (PoC)
Idol Worship (FoM)
Stone of Thebez (RoA)
Gibeonite Trickery (RoA)
Scattered Sheep (PoC)

Jael (W)
Daughter’s Grief (FoM)
Avenged! (FoM)
Gideon’s Ephod (FoM)
Abimelech (RoA)

Deck strategy and tips:

  • One of the strongest plays in the game is to use AUTO to not only draw 2 but to also exchange for Gideon to CBN protect Gideon from your opponent’s cards, so try and use this exchange as quickly and as practically as possible.
  • Strategically use Ehud’s or Jael’s choose the blocker ability to give yourself an advantage when rescuing a soul.
  • Stone of Thebez is best when played on a female Canaanite, which this deck has three of (Lot’s Daughters, Canaanite Wives, and The Woman of Thebez).
  • Lot’s Daughters and King of Tyrus are strong potential auto-blocks.
  • Create a side battle with Faith of Gideon and use one of your low-numbered Canaanites against your opponent’s human blocker. Then, use Idol Worship to capture that blocker to your opponent’s Land of Bondage since the Enhancement can capture any human, not just Heroes.