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Theme:  Elijah Heroes & O.T. Prophets / Evil Israelite Kings & False Prophets

Theme: Elijah Heroes & O.T. Prophets / Evil Israelite Kings & False Prophets

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Soon after the ten northern tribes of Israel broke away from Judah and Benjamin, Israel (the ten northern tribes) engaged in idolatry, via their evil kings and queens, and established their capitol in the city of Samaria. The most infamous Israelite royalty was King Ahab and his Canaanite wife, Jezebel. As a result of their brutal reign several prophets were persecuted and killed. Among these prophets was Elijah, who famously engaged in a showdown with Jezebel’s false prophets at Mt. Carmel. Elisha eventually was anointed to take Elijah’s place after Elijah was miraculously taken to Heaven in a chariot of fire, and continued to preach righteousness throughout Israel and also worked miracles in the land. Other prophets, such as Amos, also prophesied repentance and a return to Israel’s true faith—the worship of the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. This deck pays tribute to the prophets who were persecuted and preached righteousness, in spite of the dangers they faced, and those who helped and were helped by them. It also serves as a reminder of the judgment that comes with forsaking one’s true faith.

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Son of God (I/J)
New Jerusalem (old promo)
Angel of the Lord
Christian Martyr
Vain Philosophy (LR)
Vain Vision (PoC)
Strife (I)

Lost Souls
Blind (FoM)
Female Only
Same Reference (RoA)
Site Guard (RoA)
Deck Discard (RoA)
Color Guard (Pi)

Hidden Treasures (FooF)
Gideon’s Ephod (FoM)

Covenant with David (PoC)

Gates of Samaria (RoA)
Samaria (Pi)
Samaria (Pi)
Samaria (PoC)

Dual-Alignment Cards
Paul’s Belt (PC)

Elijah (PoC)
Elisha (PoC)
The Widow at Zarephath (PoC)
The Shunamite Woman (PoC)
Amos (PoC)
Hosea (FooF)
Imprisoned Prophet (FoM)
The Prophetess (PoC)

Good Enhancements
By His Wounds (PoC)
Faith of Samuel (CoW)
Two Bears (RoA)
Tested By Fire (PoC)
Light in the Darkness (PoC)
Spirit of Elijah (PoC)

Evil Characters
The Fallen King (FoM)
King Jeroboam II (PC)
King Ahab (RoA)
Jezebel (RoA)
False Leaders (PoC)
False Prophets (PoC)
Prophets of Samaria (PoC)
The Lying Prophet (PoC)

Evil Enhancements
Achan’s Sin (I)
Treachery of Jezebel (PoC)
Wickedness of Jezebel (PoC)
Scattered (RoA)
Idol Worship (FoM)
False Dreams (PoC)

Unsuccessful (PoC)
Prophets of Baal (PoC)
False Peace (PoC)
Bearing Our Sin (PoC)
Search (FooF)
Deck strategy and tips:

  • The main rescuer is going to be Elijah, and at times Elijah/Elisha, or just Elisha. Elijah is protected from discard and banishment and has other great abilities. He can also be retrieved from deck a couple of ways. In general, your offense has various and quick ways to get out a specific hero you need.
  • The defense mainly focuses on your kings of Israel (KoI) combined with the Gates of Samaria fortress and the Samaria sites to cause your king of Israel to increase to decrease another character.  This is a good way to make your KoIs powerhouses while also potentially discarding your opponent’s characters, or at least decrease them significantly. The defense also has some good draw and auto-block abilities with some of your blockers.
  • A strong combo, if the circumstances are right, is to use Faith of Samuel or Bearing Our Sin to band in Amos to shuffle the blocker. The shuffle becomes CBN so long as you have one of your Kings of Israel in play. Also, you can get a draw 3 off of Faith of Samuel!
  • If your opponent is soul droughting use soul-generating cards such as Imprisoned Prophet, Amos, Paul’s Belt, Idol Worship and Hosea, whose ability can capturing one of your own evil Characters, such as The Fallen King and Jezebel, to your opponent’s Land of Bondage. Hosea is also a potential battle winner if he’s handed into battle by Faith of Samuel if your opponent is using an O.T. human to block you as Hosea’s capture ability is CBI.
  • Use Hidden Treasures to immediately play Search to get any card you want from your deck. This is a great game ender combo if you need Son of God or New Jerusalem to win the last two souls. Or, use HT to raid your opponent’s deck and attrition his defense by discarding an evil Enhancement from it. This works even better when Elisha is the rescuer as he can also discard an evil Enhancement.
  • False Leaders character has a great ability. He can take an evil territory class Enhancement from Reserve, or discard pile even and immediately play it if your opponent searches. This means he can potentially obtain and/or recur four of your evil TC Enhancements.
  • The Lying Prophet (TLP) is a great blocker. So long as your opponent has a good prophet in play, a strong play is to use TLP to potentially win the battle by immediately discarding that prophet, or pick off a pesky good prophet in opponent’s territory. If he doesn’t have any good prophets you can get still get a hand reveal and a draw.
  • A good combo is to use Gates of Samaria and play a Samaria site to decrease one of your opponent’s higher-numbered heroes to toughness 3 or less. Then, activate Gideon’s Ephod, which causes heroes to decrease 0/3 in battle. This combo could potentially win you the battle without you ever having to block!
  • The Vain Vision (VV) dominant is a great card under the right circumstances. It allows you to manipulate your deck or an opponent’s deck, and also allows you to get any card from those cards that VV targets. VV’s ability, as well as Vain Philosophy’s, can also be recurred by Prophets of Baal.
  • Reserve accessing cards: Covenant with David, Elijah, The Widow at Zarephath, The Prophetess, The Fallen King, False Leaders, False Prophets, Idol Worship, False Peace. 

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Transfiguration (Ap)

Moses, Friend of God (PoC)

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Isaiah (FooF)

Isaiah, Prince of Prophets (PoC)

Hosea (PoC)

Chariot of Fire (PoC)

Fullness of Time (PoC)

Samaria (Pi)

Sixth Bowl of Wrath (RoJ)

King Ahaziah (PC)

Balaam (Di)

Profane Daughters (PoC)

Reap the Whirlwind (PoC)