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Theme:  Esther Heroes, Daniel, & Minor Prophets / Persians

Theme: Esther Heroes, Daniel, & Minor Prophets / Persians

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When the Jewish people were under the control of the Persian empire, different challenges arose for them:  Daniel was cast into the lions’ den for refusing to pray to any other god but King Darius, and Haman plotted to kill the Jews during the time Esther was King Xerxes’ queen. Through each challenge, however, God saw His people through them. The Jewish people were eventually allowed to return to the land of Israel, which led to them rebuilding the temple under Zerubbabel’s direction. This Contender Deck tells the story of the Jewish people’s struggles in Persia and their overcoming these challenges by the guidance and power of their God!

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Son of God (I/J)
New Jerusalem (old promo)
Angel of the Lord
Christian Martyr
Strife (I)
Harvest Time (P)
Vain Philosophy (LR)
Lost Souls
Deck Discard (RoA)
Anti-Ignore (RoA)
O.T. Only (FoM)
Stumble (PoC)
Fool (RoA)
Thorns (Pi)
Darius’ Decree (TxP)
Covenant with David (PoC)
Cursed Ground (FoM)
Lion’s Den (PoC)
Dual-Alignment Cards
Casting Into Lions Den (CoW)
Honor Thy Enemy (PoC)
Brothers’ Conflict (FoM)
Persian Horses / Persian Horsemen (PoC)
Esther, the Courageous (PoC)
Mordecai (PoC)
Daniel, the Apocalyptist (LR)
Malachi (PoC)
Haggai (PoC)
Ezra (Pi)
Zechariah, the Renewer (PoC)
The Defender of the Saints (PoC)
Daniel’s Guardian (PoC)
Naaman’s Servant Girl (FoM)
Good Enhancements
The Coming Prince (PoC)
By His Wounds (PoC)
Words of Encouragement
Light in the Darkness (PoC)
Faith of Daniel (CoW)
Evil Characters
King Darius, the Mede (PoC)
King Xerxes (PoC)
Queen Vashti (PoC)
Haman (old promo)
Zeresh (Pi)
Persian Archers (PoC)
The Bear (PoC)
The Amalekite’s Slave (RoA)
Evil Enhancements
Haman’s Boasting (PoC)
Stiff-Necked (FooF)
Wickedness of the Tenants (Di)
Irrational Rage (PoC)
Scattered (RoA)

Haman’s Gallows (Di)
Persian Presidents (RoA)
Persian Conquerors (PoC)
Haman’s Plot (Pa)
Lions (CoW)

Deck strategy and tips:

  • The offense has powerful protect and negating power.  Different heroes serve different purposes that offer powerful abilities that will almost guarantee you a win each rescue.
  • The defense has strong band, draw, and potentially battle-winning abilities. Your defenders can form a wall of defense that your opponent will have difficulties trying to break through.
  • Use Esther for her strong protection abilities. It will be hard for your opponent to target her for removal.
  • Daniel is a powerful hero with strong negates, among other abilities.
  • Zechariah’s ability is powerful but conditional upon having another minor prophet and/or temple priest in play.
  • Use Mordecai to make your O.T. enhancements CBN. A strong combo is to use Words of Encouragement with Mordecai to play a battle-winning, CBN enhancement.
  • Offensive combo:  use Brother’s Conflict to create a side battle with your Lions to discard your opponent’s human blocker. It will be hard for your opponent to interrupt Lions’ ability.
  • Use Covenant with David to get one of your Persian kings (if you don’t have a blocker), or Lion’s Den to retrieve Lions from Reserve.
  • Create a strong defensive wall against your opponent by using your banding Persians, such as King Xerxes, The Bear, Persian Archers, etc.
  • Queen Vashti is a great versatile blocker. She can give you a potential battle-winning ignore, draw, negate, or band.
  • Defensive combo:  use Brother’s Conflict to create a side battle with two heroes. Then, use Strife to withdrawal your opponent’s rescuing hero(es), automatically winning the battle!
  • If playing in tournament, get Haman’s Gallows in play ASAP so you can play Haman’s Plot and potentially win the battle without having to tear Haman’s Plot. Also, use Persian Horsemen to obtain Haman’s Plot from Reserve. Most likely he’ll be able to play it right away since he has low numbers (giving you initiative to play Haman’s Plot).
  • Reserve accessing cards:  Covenant with David, Cursed Ground, Lions’ Den, Persian Horses/Persian Horsemen, Mordecai, Malachi, Haggai, The Defender of the Saints, King Xerxes, The Bear.

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