Flood Survivors / Evil Antediluvians

Flood Survivors / Evil Antediluvians

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The great worldwide flood, also known as Noah's Flood, occurred around 4500 years ago (roughly 2500 B.C.). Though Noah was a preacher of righteousness (2 Peter 2:5) who also witnessed through building the Ark for many decades, no one besides his immediate family heeded God's warning and joined him in safety. The evil antediluvians (pre-Flood people) were so set in their wicked ways that none escaped the great deluge, and the severity of God's judgment was vindicated. Thankfully, this entire historical event also foreshadowed and paved the way for the great saving of souls that God accomplishes through Jesus' death on the cross - the spiritual Ark of Salvation! 

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Son of God (I/J)
New Jerusalem
Angel of the Lord
Christian Martyr
Harvest Time
A New Beginning
Lost Souls
OT Only
Site Guard
Pitch and Gopher Wood
The Rainbow
Confusion of Mind
Noah's Ark (Ark of Salvation)
City of Enoch
Dual-Alignment Cards
The Flood
Second Bowl of Wrath
Noah (CoW)
Noah's Wife
Shem's Wife
Ham’s Wife (CoW)
Japheth's Wife
Good Enhancements
Eve's Descendant (PoC)
Bless the Nations
Faith Among Corruption
Faith of Noah
The Dove Returns
Reuben's Torn Clothes
Evil Characters
Wicked People
Corrupt People
Violent Men
Cain (CoW)
Lamech, the Avenged

Evil Enhancements
Achan's Sin (Pa)
Cain Murders Abel
Corrupt Earth
Death of Unrighteous (Pa)
Continuous Evil
Balaam's Teaching
Deck strategy and tips:

  • Your offense is much stronger with Noah's Ark (Ark of Salvation) out, so use Faith of Noah to get Pitch and Gopher Wood to search it out as early as possible.
  • Territory help: Japheth's Wife can be added to battle if needed (if Noah's Ark is out), and Faith Among Corruption can negate an evil Enhancement (and is cannot be negated).
  • The Flood is a powerful battle-winner and territory-discarder, but be careful to keep some Evil Characters in hand when you use it so you still have some defense afterward!
  • Use Noah's powerful exchanging ability to set up combos, exchanging who you don't need with who you do need (depending on the situation).
  • A roundabout way to get your Noah’s Ark into play is to block with Tubal-cain, who can exchange for Pitch and Gopherwood. Then, if your opppent used a draw or search ability that turn, you can activate Pitch and search out and play Noah’s Ark. 
  • Defensively, use an initiative Evil Character such as Corrupt People or Zillah in order to play Death of Unrighteous - the more Lost Souls you have in your Land of Bondage, the better!
  • Shut down your opponent's banding by putting an Evil Character in City of Enoch (played as a Fortress).
  • If you suspect (or know) that your opponent has Angel of the Lord in hand, either use Naamah, who is protected from opponents' Dominants, or band Lamech, the Avenged to Zillah.
  • Keep Corrupt People in territory to search out or recur Disobedience, Corrupt Earth, or Continuous Evil (which in turn can search out or recur your Evil Characters).