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Theme:  Judges / Canaanites & Philistines

Theme: Judges / Canaanites & Philistines

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After Israel conquered and occupied the land of Canaan, they continually suffered attack from the remaining Canaanites, and also the Philistines. This was due in part to Israel’s disobedience not to eliminate all of the wicked Canaanites, as God directed, and because of Israel’s perpetual backsliding. As such, God raised up judges, such as Gideon, Deborah, Samson, and others to help lead His people back to Him, and to help fight off Israel’s enemies. This Contender Deck tells that story and serves as a reminder for the believer’s need to always obey God and remain pure from the idols of this world, in spite of evil forces opposing us daily.

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Son of God (I/J)
New Jerusalem (old promo)
Angel of the Lord
Christian Martyr
Vain Philosophy (J)
Guardian of Your Souls (Ap)

Lost Souls
Fool (RoA)
Same Reference (RoA)
Deck Discard (RoA)
Lost Boy (PoC)
Punisher (RoA)
Blind (FoM)
Female Only

Wool Fleece (CoW)

Covenant with Abraham (PoC)
Besieged (PoC)

Judge's Seat (RoA)
Canaan (RoA)

Dual-Alignment Cards
Avenged! (FoM)
Prisoner at Gaza (FoM)

Samuel (CoW)
Samson, the Nazarite (CoW)
Gideon (J)
Ehud (RoA)
Jair (RoA)
Shamgar (FoM)
Jephthah (J)
Angel with the Secret Name (RoA)
Angel Under the Oak (RoA)

Good Enhancements
Deborah’s Directive (FooF)
Ehud’s Dagger (RoA)
Samuel’s Edict (RoA)
Trumpets and Torches (J)
Capturing Canaan (RoA)
Faith of Samson (RoA)

Evil Characters
Canaanite Wives (FoM)
Lot’s Daughters (FoM)
Canaan, the Cursed (FoM)
Gibeonite Delegates (RoA)
Shechem (RoA)
Doomed Canaanites (PoC)
Saph (I)
Philistine Soothsayers (PoC)
The Twelve-Fingered Giant (FooF)

Evil Enhancements
Baal Worship (FoM)
Stricken (PoC)
Idol Worship (FoM)
Scattered Sheep (PoC)
Slayer’s Glee (RoJ)

Deborah (PoC)
Shamgar’s Oxgoad (J)
Sisera’s Oppression (CoW)
Delilah (I)
Idols of Canaan (FoM)

Deck strategy and tips:

  • The offense is easily searched out with the two Judges angels. Additionally, those angels grant great benefits to certain judges, so choose wisely. The MVP of the deck is the Angel Under the Oak (aka “AUTO”) / Gideon combo as AUTO will CBN protect Gideon from all of your opponent’s card. Use this combo as often as possible to help easily win your battles. 
  • The defense is straightforward but has some unique special abilities on your blockers. Use the right defender at the right time to maximize your blocking power. 
  • Angel with the Secret Name is an amazing Hero that is able to exchange with any of your gold judges in hand, deck, or discard pile - plus making all good Judges cards Cannot Be Negated (CBN)! Use him to get whatever you need for the situation.
  • Shamgar's fight by the numbers (FBTN) ability is very strong for rescuing. Good Judges Enhancements still work on him, too. Time it right, however, as Samuel does not have a Judges reference. So if you’re using Shamgar and want to use his Unity ability, keep Samuel in hand. 
  • Jephthah's territory destruction is powerful. Time it right to take out 2 of your opponent's toughest Evil Characters!
  • Prisoner at Gaza is great for soul gen, as well as Reserve access and general versatility of being either a Hero or Evil Character - whatever you need.
  • Samuel’s Edict is one of the most powerful enhancements in the game. Make it CBN when you use it with either Samuel or Gideon. 
  • Reserve accessing cards: Covenant with Abraham, Besieged, Prisoner at Gaza, Canaanite Wives, Idol Worship.

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