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Classic (Theme):  Judges / Canaanites

Classic (Theme): Judges / Canaanites

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With this Judges / Canaanites Contender Deck, you will be in control of powerful, lone rescuing judges who tend to win the battle with just one CBN enhancement!  The Canaanite defense has an assortment of tricky abilities that will throw off your opponent’s strategy, while benefiting you!  This deck is strong and a lot of fun to play!

Card value: $107.50 (60 cards)
Price: $84.95

Son of God (I/J)
New Jerusalem (2019 winner promo)
Angel of the Lord
Christian Martyr
Falling Away (CoW)

Lost Souls
Fool (RoA)
Unfaithful (LoC)
Oppressed (LoC)
Stumble (PoC)
Foreigner (PoC)
Thorns (Pi)
Lost Boy (PoC)

Wool Fleece (CoW)
Oath of Purity (LoC)
Besieged (PoC)

Judge’s Seat (RoA)
Tower of Thebez (RoA)
Jericho (CoW)
Sodom & Gomorrah (FoM)

Dual-Alignment Cards
Prisoner at Gaza (FoM)

Samson (J)
Gideon (J)
Ehud (RoA)
Jair (RoA)
Shamgar (FoM)
Deborah (PoC)
Othniel, Son of Kenaz (FoM)
Jephthah’s Daughter (FoM)
Angel Under the Oak (RoA)
Angel with the Secret Name (RoA)

Good Enhancements
Ehud’s Dagger (RoA)
Samuel’s Edict (RoA)
Builder’s Sword (LoC)
Trumpets and Torches (J)
Shamgar’s Oxgoad (J)
Feast of Booths (LoC)

Evil Characters 
Lot’s Daughters (FoM)
Lot’s Wife (Wo)
The Woman of Thebez (RoA)
Gibeonite Delegates (RoA)
King of Tyrus (PoC)
Og, King of Bashan (FoM)
Sisera’s Army (CoW)
Army of Jericho (CoW)
Aliens (Blk/PG)

Evil Enhancements
Joseph in Prison (Pa)
Baal Worship (FoM)
Stone of Thebez (RoA)
Idol Worship (FoM)
Scattered Sheep (PoC)

Jephthah (J)
Deborah’s Directive (FooF)
Capturing Canaan (RoA)
Avenged! (FoM)
Gideon’s Ephod (FoM)
Idols of Canaan (FoM)
Canaanite Wives (FoM)
Doomed Canaanites (PoC)
Gibeonite Trickery (RoA)
Wickedness of Delilah (I)

Deck strategy and tips:

  • The offense is easily searched out with the two Judges angels. Additionally, those angels grant great benefits to certain judges, so choose wisely. The MVP of the deck is the Angel Under the Oak (aka “AUTO”) / Gideon combo as AUTO will CBN protect Gideon from all of your opponent’s card. Use this combo as often as possible to help easily win your battles. 
  • The defense is straightforward but has some unique special abilities on your blockers. Use the right defender at the right time to maximize your blocking power. 
  • Angel with the Secret Name (AwtSN) is an amazing Hero that is able to exchange with any of your gold judges in hand, deck, or discard pile - plus making all good Judges cards Cannot Be Negated (CBN)!  Use him to get whatever you need for the situation.  Use this combo:  bounce your judges hero with Oath of Purity. Then, exchange AwtSN for that judge in hand, making your good judges cards CBN!
  • Shamgar's fight by the numbers (FBTN) ability is very strong for rescuing. Good Judges Enhancements still work on him, too.  He’s even stronger when AwtSN exchanges for him!
  • A good combo is to use Gideon or Samson to rescue. When you have initiative, play Feast of Booths to get a potential draw, and also play an OT good enhancement from Reserve on your meek rescuing hero (Gideon and Samson are both meek).  If you had used AwtSN to exchange for the judge in battle, the OT good enhancements (which are all Judges enhancements) in your Reserve will now be CBN!
  • Jephthah's territory destruction is powerful. Time it right to take out 2 of your opponent's toughest Evil Characters!
  • Combo:  In your prep phase, use Falling Away to convert one of your opponent’s male heroes in his territory to an evil brigade you know he doesn’t have any matching enhancements in his deck for that brigade. Then, use Ehud to rescue, choosing that now converted hero (converted to an evil character) to block. This will almost ensure you will that battle!  Of course, Falling Away can also be used as a strong defensive play. 
  • Prisoner at Gaza is great for soul gen, as well as Reserve access and general versatility of being either a Hero or Evil Character - whatever you need.
  • Samuel’s Edict is one of the most powerful enhancements in the game. Make it CBN when you use it with either Gideon or Samson. 
  • Activate Wool Fleece on Gideon so you can use your artifact pile to activate a second artifact!  Be careful, as Wool Fleece will affect your own evil banding.  Also, activate Besieged on Jericho to give you a third active artifact!
  • So long as you have Tower of Thebez in play, The Woman of Thebez can get a draw and play a black Judges enhancement. This deck has plenty of those enhancements so you’ll be able to potentially win the battle straightaway!
  • The defense has some strong situational CBN battle-winning abilities/enhancements so time them for the right play!

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