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Theme:  Minor Prophets / Evil Judean Kings

Theme: Minor Prophets / Evil Judean Kings

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After King Solomon’s death, the nation of Israel separated into two kingdoms—the northern kingdom, Israel; and the southern kingdom, Judah. Over the next several decades, several kings reigned in each kingdom, and many of these kings turned to idolatry and false religions, which led to God’s people straying from their original faith in Yahweh. However, God sent prophets to help turn the hearts of these kings and their subjects back to their original faith, to proclaim the coming judgments due to their unfaithfulness, and prophesy about the coming Messiah who would ultimately deliver God’s people out of the bondage of sin. This deck pays tribute to these brave prophets, commonly referred to as the “minor” prophets, who stood for righteousness and were faithful to their God. The deck also tells the story of the kings of Judah who chose not to serve the God of their ancestors but instead became ensnared by idolatry.

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Son of God (I/J)
New Jerusalem (old promo)
Angel of the Lord
Christian Martyr
Led Astray (LoC)
Strife (I)

Lost Souls
7 O.T. meek Lost Souls

Hidden Treasures (FooF)
Manasseh’s Altar (FoM)

Covenant with David (PoC)
Wasting Disease (PoC)

Fullness of Time (PoC)
High Places (LoC)
Treacherous Land (PoC)

Dual-Alignment Cards
Delivered (PoC)

Micah (PoC)
Amos (PoC)
Zephaniah (PoC)
Joel (PoC)
Jonah (PoC)
Obadiah (PoC)
Haggai (PoC)
Habakkuk (PoC)
Imprisoned Prophet (FoM)

Good Enhancements 
Gathered Together (PoC)
Outpouring (PoC)
Two Bears (RoA)
Day of the Lord (PoC)
Righteous Judge (PoC)
Numerous as the Stars (PoC)
The Coming Prophet (PoC)

Evil Characters
Ahaziah, the Wicked (LoC)
Jehoiachin, the Conquered (LoC)
Jehoiakim, Puppet King (LoC)
Jehoram, the Abhorred (LoC)
King Rehoboam (Di)
The Fallen King (FoM)
Athaliah, Usurper Queen (LoC)
Transgressors (PoC)
The Amalekite’s Slave (RoA)

Evil Enhancements
Stiff-Necked (FooF)
Achan’s Sin (I)
Accursed of God (PoC)

Malachi (PoC)
Hosea (FooF)
Bearing Our Sin (PoC)
“I AM” Has Sent Me (PoC)
Obadiah’s Cave (RoA)
Queen Maacah (LoC)
All the Curses (LoC)
Treason! Treason! (LoC)
Hired Sword (LoC)
Cut Off (PoC)

Deck strategy and tips:

  • The heroes’ abilities, and the effectiveness of those abilities are heavily dependent upon the number of the minor prophets you have in play. So the more minor prophets you have out, the more effective the offense works. The offense also has a plethora of abilities, such as drawing, searching, taking, etc.
  • The defense relies heavily on protecting your Lost Souls from being rescued; hence there being no need for the use of many evil Enhancements to win the battle. The defense also has several benefits related to the use of meek Lost Souls (souls with no special abilities), such as Les Astray and many of your protection from rescue cards.
  • Although your heroes have limited banding, when they can band it’s highly potent. Use Gathered Together, Obadiah and/or Bearing Our Sin to get many benefits of your other prophets by banding them into battle. For example, play Gathered Together to band heroes such as Amos and/or Joel into battle to potentially defeat the blockers, and/or negate any evil abilities that are causing you to lose the battle.
  • Was your lone prophet Christian Martyred during battle? Keep the battle going by using Bearing Our Sin to heal that prophet and add another one to battle!
  • Punish your opponent’s searching with cards like Wasting Disease (which can be activated on Transgressors, allowing you to activate a different artifact on your artifact pile) and Jonah.
  • The Coming Prophet is a great card as it can topdeck a prophet from Reserve, and each turn it can snag a star card from your Reserve, even your evil star cards!
  • Covenant with David can not only take your site and good fortress from deck (if used as an enhancement), it can also search for one of your evil kings (artifact side) if you need a blocker!
  • High Places is a powerful evil fortress. If a meek Lost Soul is played, you can draw a card. Also, there are benefits if your evil king blocks. Furthermore, it can hold one and idol, allowing your artifact pile to be freed up for another artifact to be activated there.
  • A great combo is to block with King Rehoboam to create a side battle between two heroes from territories. Not only do you get the benefit of choosing which of your opponent’s heroes to fight, you also benefit from one of your hero’s special abilities. Once the heroes’ abilities resolve, play Strife to withdraw all of your opponent’s heroes (including the one(s) that started the rescue attempt), leaving only one of your heroes in the side battle. Since dominants are CBN, this combo will successfully block your opponent’s rescue attempt almost every time!
  • The Fallen King can target several cards in your deck of Reserve. Furthermore, you can also choose him to be a king of Judah or a king of Israel. This choice works well with certain cards, such as Micah or Amos, whose abilities are tied to having a king of either nation in play. TFK can also band to Athaliah or Queen Maacah.
  • There’s plenty of soul gen in this deck with cards like Imprisoned Prophet, The Amalekite’s Slave, Amos’ star ability, and Jehoiachin’s star ability.

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Hosea (PoC)

Search (FooF or LR)

Out of Bethlehem (PoC)

His Name (PoC)

Whirlwind/Everlasting Ground (P)

Chariot of Fire (PoC)

Golden Calf (FoM)

Asherah Pole (LoC)

Unified Language (FoM)

Kings of the Earth (RoJ)

Treasures of War (CoW)

Scattered (RoA)

Wickedness of the Tenants (Di)

Idol Worship (FoM)