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Rotation (Theme):  Minor Prophets / Evil Judean Kings - Your Turn Games

Minor Prophets / Evil Judean Kings

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Rescue with the minor prophets, who pointed Israel back to God and stood as a symbol of righteousness! These heroes have unique and strong abilities, which function optimally with the more minor prophets you have in play. Block your opponent’s rescues with the rebellious and idolatrous kings and queens of Judah, who use soul-protecting blocks and other crafty abilities that are sure to frustrate your opponent!

See bottom for recommended cards you can purchase separately to help boost this deck’s theme, some of which are Classic cards to modify this deck to that format!

Son of God (I/J)
New Jerusalem (I/J+)
Angel of the Lord (I/J)
Christian Martyr (I/J)
Led Astray (LoC)

Lost Souls
(7) Meek Lost Souls (I/J)

Covenant with Abraham (PoC)
New Covenant (Jeremiah) (PoC)

Gates of Jerusalem (LoC)
High Places (LoC)

Dual-Alignment Cards
Speak Favorably (LoC)

Micah (PoC)
Amos (PoC)
Zephaniah (PoC)
Joel (PoC)
Jonah (PoC)
Obadiah (PoC)
Haggai (PoC)
Habakkuk (PoC)
The Watchman (P)
Imprisoned Prophet (FoM)

Good Enhancements 
Two Bears (LR)
Gathered Together (PoC)
Outpouring (PoC)
His Name (PoC)
Fountain of Living Water (PoC)
Search (LR)
Numerous as the Stars (PoC)
The Coming Prophet (PoC)

Evil Characters
Ahaziah, the Wicked (LoC)
Jehoiachin, the Conquered (LoC)
Jehoiakim, Puppet King (LoC)
Jehoram, the Abhorred (LoC)
Amaziah, the Arrogant (LoC)
Solomon, the Idolater (LoC)
Queen Maacah (LoC)
Rehoboam, the Divider (LoC)

Athaliah, Usurper Queen (LoC)
Aliens (LoC)

Evil Enhancements
Achan’s Sin (I)
Bad Dealings (I)
Treason! Treason! (LoC)
Scattered (RoA)
Solomon’s Oppression (LoC)

Malachi (PoC)
Jeremiah, Hope Bringer (PoC)
Zechariah, the Renewer (PoC)
Isaiah (PoC)
Out of Bethlehem (PoC)
"I AM” Has Sent Me (PoC)
Asherah Pole (LoC)
Manasseh, the Humbled / the Wicked (LoC)
Turncoat (LoC)
Hired Sword (LoC)

Deck strategy and tips:

  • The heroes’ abilities, and the effectiveness of those abilities are heavily dependent upon the number of the minor prophets you have in play.  So the more minor prophets you have out, the more effective the offense works. The offense also has a plethora of abilities, such as drawing, searching, taking, etc.  You can also switch offenses from a minor prophets strategy to using your two major prophets (Jeremiah and Isaiah), which are powerful rescuers.
  • The defense relies heavily on protecting your Lost Souls from being rescued; hence there being no need for the use of many evil Enhancements to win the battle. The defense also has several benefits related to the use of meek Lost Souls (souls with no special abilities), such as Led Astray and many of your protection from rescue cards.
  • Although your heroes have limited banding, when they can band it’s highly potent. Use Gathered Together, Obadiah, New Covenant, I AM Has Sent Me, and others to get many benefits of your other prophets by banding them into battle. For example, play Gathered Together to band heroes such as Amos and/or Joel into battle to potentially defeat the blockers, and/or negate any evil abilities that are causing you to lose the battle.
  • Punish your opponent’s searching and drawing with cards, such as Jonah and Habakkuk. 
  • Switch from a minor prophets strategy by using your two major prophets to benefit from their respective abilities.  Isaiah makes all star cards CBN, so use him when the time is right to win the battle with one of your star enhancements!  Also, Jeremiah's toss ability is very strong, so use that when the time is right as well.
  • Search is a great card that can get you what you need (such as Son of God, New Jerusalem, Angel of the Lord, or an evil card to help set up your opponent's next attack).
  • The Coming Prophet is a great card as it can topdeck a prophet from Reserve, and each turn it can snag a star card from your Reserve, even your evil star cards!
  • Three of your character cards in the deck that are mainly used as blockers, but they can also be used as purple Heroes (Solomon, Amaziah, and Manasseh).  If you're in a pinch ,and don't have one of your green Heroes available, consider using one of these dual-alignment characters for their Hero side.  There are a few good Enhancements in the deck that can help support them as well!
  • Utilize your soul-protecting/manipulating blockers at the right time so that you can help stop your opponent's rescues.
  • Is your opponent rescuing with a meek hero?  Use Amaziah to choose a non-meek hero to rescue.  Then, play Led Astray, Treason! Treason! or Solomon's Oppression to protect your lost souls from rescue, since there's no meek hero in battle.
  • High Places is a powerful evil fortress. If a meek Lost Soul is played, you can draw a card. Also, there are benefits if your evil kings block. Furthermore, it can hold one and idol, allowing your artifact pile to be freed up for another artifact to be activated there.
  • Was your blocker taken out by an opponent's special ability?  No problem.  Use Gates of Jerusalem to keep the battle going so you can help try and stop the rescue!
  • Rehoboam is a powerful blocker that negates characters and enhancements (including your own).  Make sure you use him at the right time as a couple of your evil enhancements won't be negated by him.

YTG recommends the below cards as other viable options for this deck’s theme. You can view and purchase them by clicking on each one, or search for them here!


Gates of Jerusalem

Hidden Treasures


Wickedness of the Tenants

Gibeonite Trickery

Haman's Plot


Sheol (PoC)

Chariot of Fire (PoC)

Golden Calf (FoM)

Treasures of War (CoW)

Ahaz, the Unfaithful (LoC)

Abijah, the Conqueror / the Half-Hearted (LoC)

Foreign Horses

Day of the Lord

Light in the Darkness

Destroying Bands

Persian Horsemen / Persian Horses

Classic and/or Rotation



The Amalekite's Slave