Missionaries / NT Crimson Evil Characters

Missionaries / NT Crimson Evil Characters

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In the Early Church period in the decades after Jesus' resurrection, a spiritual battle ensued between Christians sharing the Gospel to the ends of the Earth, and Heretics and others who sought to distort or discredit the faith. Behind the scenes, the devil was working the same tactic as from the beginning in Genesis 3 at the Fall- to attack the Word of God and thereby cause division instead of love. This Contender Deck features some of the human and spiritual players from that dramatic time - have fun and reflect on the continuing spiritual battle today!
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Son of God (I/J)
New Jerusalem
Angel of the Lord
Christian Martyr
Vain Philosophy
Blinding Light
Guardian of Your Souls (Ap)

Lost Souls
NT Only
Site Remover
Same Testament

Miraculous Handkerchiefs

Eternal Covenant
Carcasses (PoC)

Missionary Ship
The Ends of the Earth (RoJ)

Dual-Alignment Cards
Divide and Unify

Paul (P)
Aquila (EC)
Priscilla (EC)
Barnabas (EC)
Barsabbas (EC)
Silas (EC)
Luke (EC)
Mark (EC)
Apollos (EC)

Good Enhancements
Elymas Struck Blind
Bravery of Priscilla (EC)
Miracle at the Gate
Power of the Cross
Prayer and Fasting

Evil Characters
Sapphira (G)
The Egyptian Rebel
Doomed Conspirators
Simon the Magician (EC)
Red Dragon (G)
Fallen Angel (Wa)
Coliseum Lion
The Maltese Viper (PC)

Evil Enhancements
Treachery of Jezebel (W)
Leading Others Astray
Deceit of Sapphira (G)
Disagreement Over Mark

Deck Strategy & Tips

  • Elymas Struck Blind is perhaps your best battle winner on offense: attack with a large numbered Hero, such as Paul or Luke, or band to make your opponent use their evil enhancement first before playing this to interrupt and win the battle!
  • Aquila and Priscilla are the one of the strongest offensive options in this deck, so try and rescue with them as often as possible (particularly when your opponent is using OT Enhancements).
  • Barnabas is a terrific Hero for soul gen. If your opponent doesn't have a Lost Soul in their Land of Bondage, simply attack with him to search one out of their deck! Also, The Ends of the Earth is one of the best soul gen cards in the game (or you can play it on yourself for speed). It's even better when added to battle with a missionary to also use its negate ability.
  • Overcome! is best used when you can reveal a Good Dominant to keep using it, so try and hold Blinding Light or GoYS for the return to hand benefit.
  • Defensively, The Egyptian Rebel's cannot be negated band to Sapphira, who negates all other characters and enhancements, is a strong block. Additionally, four of your evil Enhancements will still activate when played with Sapphira as they are either CBP or conditionally CBN.
  • Surprise your opponent by blocking with Red Dragon from hand; your opponent will need an interrupt or negate or else it's an auto-block if he’s using a human rescuer.
  • Fallen Angel can band to any non-human evil character, such as Red Dragon and the two animals in this deck, or potentially any of your opponent’s non-humans.