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Theme:  N.T. Prophets / N.T. Magicians & Demons

Theme: N.T. Prophets / N.T. Magicians & Demons

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Beyond the natural world is the spirit realm. There are those who have tapped into the spirit realm and are sensitive to it, whether they’ve encountered the power of God and walk in His supernatural power, such as His prophets; or those who have meddled with the powers of darkness by engaging in witchcraft. These types of people and their inevitable encounters are noted throughout the New Testament, such as Paul and the girl with the spirit of divination, John and Simon the Magician, and others. They are contrasts between good and evil, light and dark, and demonstrate the power on each side of the spirit realm. Inevitably, however, the power of God always triumphs over the power of darkness and has caused many of these magicians to recognize Who has the true power, and ultimately become followers of Jesus the Messiah!

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Son of God (I/J)
New Jerusalem (old promo)
Angel of the Lord
Christian Martyr
Vain Philosophy (J)
Strife (I)
Lost Souls
N.T. Only (Ap)
Hand Discard (G)
Same Testament (RoA)
Site Remover (AW)
Demon Shuffler (AW)
Human (RoA)
Rejoice (J)
Magic Charms (TxP)
Covenant with Abraham (PoC)
Madness (Pi)
Fullness of Time (PoC)
Tartaros (PC)
Caesarea Philippi (Di)
Dual-Alignment Cards
Delivered (PoC)

Anna (Di)
Simeon (Di)
John the Baptist (Di)
Barnabas (EC)
Paul (P)
Silas (EC)
Philip's Daughters (PC)
John, the Revelator (RoJ) 
Imprisoned Prophet (FoM)

Good Enhancements
Outpouring (PoC)
Gathered Together (PoC)
Baptism of Jesus (Di)
Spirit of Elijah (PoC)
Nunc Dimittis (Di)
The Coming Prophet (PoC)
Evil Characters
Sorcerers (RoJ)
Elymas the Sorcerers (EC)
User of Curious Arts (TxP)
Damsel with Spirit of Divination (TxP)
Trembling Demon (FooF)
Rebellious Spirit (PC)
Messenger of Satan (EC)
Spirit of Temptation (TxP)

Evil Enhancements
Did God Really Say? (FoM)
Lurking (AW)
Sinning Hand (Pi)
Fearfulness (EC)
Shame (FoM)
Divination (TxP)

Agabus (PC)
Sign of Jonah (PoC)
His Name (PoC)
Potter and the Clay (PoC)
Accursed of God (PoC)
Deck strategy and tips:

  • The offense has strong protections and banding, which help push through your opponent’s defense without having to play many good Enhancements (depending on the situation).
  • The defense combines the unique abilities of humans and demons, which synergize and band very well. It also has a hand-control element, causing your opponent’s hand to be disrupted. Some great combinations can be attained with the defense as well.
  • Benefit from plenty of draw abilities in this deck with Paul, Damsel, and Messenger of Satan (MoS): Use Simeon to band to Paul to get the draw 2, or band Paul using Gathered Together. By themselves, Damsel or MoS can get a draw, but when banded together they maximize their draw potential!
  • Recur Outpouring and Spirit of Elijah from your discard pile with John the Baptist
  • Offensive combo: Place Spirit of Elijah (SoE) on Anna. Between her ability and SoE, she’ll be protected from discard, capture, and conversion. An even stronger combo is to use Simeon to band in Anna (who has SoE on her), then both will be protected from the above based upon their respective ability and SoE.
  • Fullness of Time is a great way to get out one of your good dominants, such as SoG or NJ.
  • The Coming Prophet can target all five of your Reserve cards, including Accursed of God.
  • If you’re attacking and have special initiative (SI), and you have Son of God (SoG) in hand, use Gathered Together to band in Anna to reveal SoG to discard the evil enhancement that’s causing SI.
  • Soul gen with cards such as Barnabas, Imprisoned Prophet and Philip’s Daughters.
  • Use Delivered to get out and activate any of your three artifacts in deck. This will help set up your defense, such as Madness or Magic Charms, or will give you a hero from Reserve with Covenant with Abraham if you have no hero available.
  • Defensive combo: Block with Spirit of Temptation (SoT) and underdeck an evil or neutral card with his ability (he will also force your opponent to underdeck a card from his hand too). Then, band to Sorcerers to reveal the bottom card of deck (the card you underdecked) and discard it to discard a good card, such as the hero in battle.
  • Fearfulness is a great way to stop your opponent’s banding (contingent upon the number of evil brigades in battle). One way to set it up is to have at least two evil brigades in battle (which should be easy with your orange demons and pale green magicians). However, you can maximize the power of this card by playing Lurking first, which will add 7 evil brigades to battle. Then, play Fearfulness to capitalize on those brigades and punish your opponent’s big banding chains!
  • Reserve accessing cards: Covenant with Abraham, Delivered, Outpouring, Gathered Together, The Coming Prophet, Potter and the Clay, Accursed of God.

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