Philippi Church / Roman Governors & Centurions

Philippi Church / Roman Governors & Centurions

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The Book of Acts describes the dramatic dynamics of the Early Church, as it experienced explosive growth amidst intense persecution from the Romans and others. The church at Philippi was the first in Europe, located in Macedonia and starting around 50 A.D. Acts 16-20 describe some amazing Early Church events occuring at Philippi, and the Book of Philippians is the Apostle Paul's famous encouraging letter to this church.

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Son of God (I/J)
New Jerusalem (P)
Angel of the Lord
Christian Martyr
Blinding Light
Harvest Time
Lost Souls
NT Only
Same Testament
Site Remover
Letters to the Philippians
Scroll of Isaiah
Peter's Curse
The Throne of Grace
Alexandrian Ship
Caesarea Philippi
Dual-Alignment Cards
The Roman Jailer
Euodia (PC)
Syntyche (PC)
Epaphroditus (PC)
The Generous Givers (PC)
Lydia (EC)
The Watchful Leaders
Luke (EC)
Good Enhancements
Mercy of James (PC)
Commitment of Paul (EC)
Trapped in Cleverness (EC)
Power of the Cross (EC)
Deception Exposed (EC)
Of One Mind (PC)
Evil Characters
Porcius Festus
Pontius Pilate (Di)
Antonius Felix

Claudius Lysias
Julius the Centurion
Centurion at Jerusalem
Evil Enhancements
Plot to Kill
Crucify Him!
Washing Hands
Arrest in Philippi
Arrest in Jerusalem
Paying Taxes
Deck strategy and tips:

  • The Philippi offense is fast and strong, focusing on fighting "by the numbers" with Clement as the best rescue option that you should try to set up and roll with.  But be careful, Clement's ability won't activate if Luke is in your territory as Luke is not a Philippi hero (Luke's missionary status works best with cards like Epaphroditus and The Generous Givers).
  • Syntyche searches out Clement; Euodia increases his stats to make him even more powerful; and The Generous Givers bands to him to give protection from Christian Martyr or Falling Away (CoW).
  • The Roman Jailer is an awesome character as his ability allows you to immediately play capture enhancements, like Arrest in Jerusalem (as an Evil Character) or Trapped in Cleverness (as a Hero)!
  • Defensively, the Romans are great at disrupting your opponent's hand with cards such as Denarius and Porcius Festus.
  • Cards, such as Power of the Cross and Deception Exposed, can still be played on Clement as they are CBP.