Praisers (Musicians) / Complainers (Rebellious Israelites)

Praisers (Musicians) / Complainers (Rebellious Israelites)

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The Bible clearly reveals that God is a loving being Who created humans in His image to love as He does. This purpose divides all people into two groups based on the choice they make with their God-given free will: they will either be "praisers" or "complainers.” Praisers are those who love God regardless of their life circumstances, while complainers are those who blame Him for life's problems and so place their heart's affection elsewhere. In the Bible, examples of praisers are King David and his Tabernacle musicians such as Asaph, Ethan, and Chenaniah. As we read especially in Psalms, they worshipped God whole-heartedly, even in the midst of many difficulties. Contrarily, examples of complainers in the Bible are Job's Wife, the Selfish Kinsman, and various Complainers and Transgressors who at various points of history rebelled against God by slandering His leadership and engaging in disobedience against Him. Enjoy this Contender Deck as you reflect upon the Joy of a life of loving obedience to the Lord!

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Son of God (I/J)
New Jerusalem (old promo)
Angel of the Lord
Christian Martyr
Vain Philosophy

Lost Souls
Site Remover
Same Testament
NT Only

David's Harp (Ki)

I Am Love
Wasting Disease (PoC)

Musicians Chambers
Majestic Heavens

Dual-Alignment Cards
Warning Against Rebellion
Daughter’s Grief

Moses (CoW)
The Twenty-Four Elders
Music Leader
David the Psalmist

Good Enhancements
Cymbals of the Levites
Faith of Moses’ Parents
Word of Christ
Hate Wickedness
Nunc Dimittis
Joy (EC)

Evil Characters
Gomer (TxP)
Job’s Wife (RoJ)
Michal (CoW)
Selfish Kinsmen
The Jeering Youths

Evil Enhancements
Wickedness of the Tenants
Korah's Rebellion
Accursed of God

Deck tips and strategies:
  • Use the Site Remover lost soul to remove a soul from Majestic Heavens so you can create another token lost soul by placing the same or a different lost soul into the site (so long as you add cards to your Reserve).
  • David’s Harp is a great way to instantly play a music enhancement off of David, such as Hate Wickedness to banish a blocker in your opponent’s territory. It’s also a good way to recur one of your heroes if that hero was discarded during a rescue attempt.
  • Use I Am Love to recur and immediately play your “ignores” Enhancements, such as Faith of Moses’ Parents and Word of Christ, from your discard pile.
  • Wasting Disease is a good way to target your opponent’s territory. It can also be activated on Transgressors, freeing up your artifact pile.
  • Play Warning Against Rebellion at the right time to help generate Lost Souls in your opponent’s territory. Additionally, it can be played off of David and David’s Harp to turn a battle challenge into a rescue attempt. It can also be recurred by Ethan.
  • Chenaniah banded to Twenty-Four Elders is a powerful rescuing option as Twenty-Four Elders negates evil cards, when you shuffle one of your artifacts; and your combined strength will be very high.
  • Music Leader is powerful as he can search out music-related cards from deck or discard pile. When played at the right time, place Joy on him so Moses won’t be able to negate him.
  • Necromancer is another way to potentially generate Lost Souls in your opponent’s territory.
  • 'Many of your Enhancements (good and evil, respectively) will still activate when played on Moses, Job’s Wife and/or Selfish Kinsmen as the Enhancements are either CBP or CBN.
  • Asaph is a go-to Hero, as all music-related good Enhancements played on him cannot be negated.