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Classic (Theme):  Musicians / Rebellious Israelites

Classic (Theme): Musicians / Rebellious Israelites

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Throughout the Bible there were people who were praisers and worshippers of God, and those who complained and rebelled against Him.  This Contender Deck symbolizes those two groups of people--the worshippers and the rebellious, with the worshippers being musicians who used their musical talents and gifts to honor the Lord. Use strong musicians with powerful abilities to roll past your opponent's defense, while using powerful rebellious Israelites to block your opponent!  

Son of God (I/J)
New Jerusalem (2019 winner promo)
Angel of the Lord
Christian Martyr
Strife (I)
Vain Philosophy (J)

Lost Souls
Stumble (PoC)
Oppressed (LoC)
Site Guard (RoA)
Rejoice (J)
Fool (RoA)
Same Reference (RoA)
Foreigner (PoC)

Moses’ Staff (PoC)
Covenant with David (PoC)
Covenant with Abraham (PoC)

Treacherous Land (PoC)

Dual-Alignment Cards
Daughter’s Grief (FoM)
Brother’s Conflict (FoM)
Warning Against Rebellion (CoW)
King Saul (CoW)

Miriam (PoC)
Hannah (PoC)
Moses, Friend of God (PoC)
Asaph (Pi)
Chenaniah (RoA)
David, the Psalmist (CoW)
Music Leader (PC)
Naaman’s Servant Girl (FoM)

Good Enhancements 
Royal Parade (LoC)
Blood of the Lamb (RoJ)
Plague of Disease (FoM)
Shared Meal (LoC)
Virgin Birth (PoC)
Temple Dedication (RoA)
Love Righteousness (CoW)

Evil Characters
Medium at Endor (CoW)
Doeg (CoW)
Shimei (CoW)
King Rehoboam (Di)
Ahaziah, the Wicked (LoC)
Gomer (LR)
Transgressors (PoC)
The Amalekite’s Slave (RoA)

Evil Enhancements
Stiff-Necked (FooF)
Korah’s Rebellion (Pa)
Idol Worship (FoM)
Gibeonite Trickery (Pa)
Scattered (RoA)

Samuel (CoW)
The Twenty-Four Elders (RoJ)
The Suffering Servant (PoC)
Hate Wickedness (CoW)
Sing with String Instruments (RoA)
Death of Firstborn (PoC)
Plague of Darkness (FoM)
Hired Sword (LoC)
Wasting Disease (PoC)
All the Curses (LoC)

Deck tips and strategies:

  • The offense focuses on cards that involve music, whether they’re heroes or Enhancements. Many of these cards can be recurred, are CBN, and can be searched for. There’s also strong banding among certain heroes that’s very formidable. 
  • The defense has specific abilities that help make the defense unpredictable and strategic. There’s also strong banding abilities that help form a wall against your opponent’s attacks!
  • Chenaniah is a powerful hero! Use him to band to one of your musicians, and also protect your musicians from the next evil enhancement opponent plays. The Twenty-Four Elders is a powerful rescuing option as Twenty-Four Elders negates evil cards when you shuffle one of your several artifacts, and your combined strength will be very high, giving you breakthrough power to overwhelm your opponent’s defensive toughness. 
  • A strong rescuing option is to use the following band chain: Chenaniah to Moses to Miriam to Hannah. Chenaniah protects them from the next evil enhancement, Moses’ makes your Exodus enhancements CBN, Miriam protects Moses and herself from discard abilities (and she can exchange for a good card involving music from your reserve), and Hannah can potentially get a draw and also protects lost souls from evil cards.  And, finishing up with Hannah’s ability, if you reserve your Samuel, you can negate your opponent’s evil and neutral cards! 
  • Search out your good cards that involve music with Music Leader, such as your heroes and enhancements. The sooner he’s in play, the more effective he’ll be!
  • Covenant with David can target Treacherous Land, David, the Psalmist, or any of your three other evil kings. 
  • Be shrewd with your side battle enhancement, Brother’s Conflict, by using Idol Worship, Daughter’s Grief, or Korah’s Rebellion to banish the opposing characters! Also, when used on the evil side, use Strife to withdraw all heroes, except the one you control.  You can also use this strategy with King Rehoboam. 
  • The Amalekite’s Slave, Idol Worship, Naaman’s Servant Girl, and Warning Against Rebellion are a great way to generate lost souls for you to rescue. Additionally, Music Leader can recur Warning Against Rebellion.
  • A strong defensive option is to use the following band chain:  Gomer to King Ahaziah to King Saul. Saul can then band to any of your I Samuel blockers, such as Medium at Endor, Doeg, Shimei, or The Amalekite’s Slave. 
  • Reserve accessing cards: “Foreigner” Lost Soul, Covenant with David, Treacherous Land, Miriam, The Fallen King, Transgressors, Profane Daughters, False Leaders, Accursed of God, Idol Worship.

YTG recommends the below cards as other viable options for this deck’s theme. You can view and purchase them by clicking on each one, or search for them here!

Moses (CoW)

Fearless Traveler (P)

Prophets of Gibeath (P)

Jephthah’s Daughter (FoM)

The Lord Goes Before You (FoM)

The Tabernacle (P)

Musician’s Chambers (RoA)

David’s Harp (Ki)

You Will Remain (CoW)

Sin and Justice (FoM)

Golden Calf (FoM)

Selfish Kinsmen (I)

Shaphat (I)

Wickedness of the Tenants (Di)

Confusion (CoW)