Prophets (Isaiah) / Assyrians

Prophets (Isaiah) / Assyrians

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Isaiah (circa 740 B.C.) prophesied to Israel concerning their pending destruction by Assyria. He urged them to turn to the Lord, and despite a delay thanks to the good King Hezekiah, but they ultimately did not heed Isaiah's warnings. In 721 B.C., the Assyrians attacked in devastating fashion, capturing the northern 10 of the 12 tribes of Israel. Isaiah also prophesied extensively regarding the coming Messiah, such as in Isaiah 42's famous Mighty Warrior passage! 

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Son of God (I/J)
New Jerusalem
Angel of the Lord
Christian Martyr
Vain Philosophy
Guardian of Your Souls (Ap)
Lost Souls

OT Only
Site Doubler (Ki)
Color Guard
Assyria's Tribute
I Am Patience
Covenant with Death (FooF)
Obadiah's Cave
Assyrian Camp
Dual-Alignment Cards
Razor (FooF)
Second Seal / War (RoJ)
Isaiah (FooF)
The Mighty Warrior (FoM)
Hosea (FooF)
The Watchman
Imprisoned Prophet
Seraph (RoA)
Seraph with a Live Coal (FooF)
Good Enhancements
Two Bears
Live Coal (FooF)
Blood of the Lamb (RoJ)
Plague of Frogs
Isaiah's Call (FooF)
Evil Characters
Nimrod, the Mighty
The Rabsaris
King Sargon II
Assyrian Survivor
The Rabshekah
King Tiglath-Pileser III
Assyrian Siege Army
Assyrian Archer
Evil Enhancements
Two Thousand Horses
The Rabshakeh's Threats
Achan’s Sin
Forgotten History
Captured by Assyria
Every Man's Sword (CoW)
Deck strategy and tips:

  • Assyria's Tribute's enhancement negate will still allow some of your evil enhancements to work. For example, King Sargon makes capture cannot be negated (CBN). Also, The Rabshakeh's Threats is cannot be prevented (CBP) if Isaiah isn't in play. Additionally, The Rabshakeh grants CBN for Two Thousand Horses and Every Man's Sword. Finally, Forgotten History is CBN.
  • Blood of the Lamb is perfect for Isaiah to get initiative to use his CBN Razor and/or Siegeworks.
  • War can search out Two Thousand Horses and Every Man's Sword from deck, discard pile, or Reserve.
  • Second Seal and Live Coal can be used with the two Isaiah-reference angels (Seraph and Seraph with a Live Coal).
  • For lost soul generation (soul gen), Hosea can capture your own Assyrian Archer or The Rabsaris, as well as potential targets in your opponent's territory. Also, Imprisoned Prophet and Assyrian Survivor are great for soul gen.
  • Nimrod and King Sargon can search out Assyrian Camp.