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Revelation Angels / Revelation Demons

Revelation Angels / Revelation Demons

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The Book of Revelation, given to the Apostle John around 80 A.D., describes God's glorious end-time plan to replace this world's demonically-inspired governments with His Kingdom. Partnering with His human and angelic host, the Lord Jesus will judge Satan and his followers, cleanse and renew the Earth, and bring to earth New Jerusalem as God's dwelling place, where humans (and angels) will dwell with God forever!

Card value: $89.00 (55 cards)
Price: $60.00
Son of God (I/J)
New Jerusalem (old promo)
Angel of the Lord
Christian Martyr
Guardian of Your Souls (Ap)
Vain Philosophy (J)
Strife (I)
Lost Souls
Demon Shuffler (AW)
Destruction (CoW)
NT Only (Ap)
Gain (RoJ)
Retribution (EC)
Same Testament (RoA)
Pigs (Di)
The Great White Throne (RoJ)
The Golden Altar (RoJ)
Covenants and Curses
Seventh Seal (RoJ)
Mark of the Beast (RoJ)
The Gates of Hell (TxP)
Patmos (RoJ)

Dual-Icon Cards
War in Heaven (RoJ)
First Bowl of Wrath (RoJ)
Fourth Seal / Death (RoJ)

The Strong Angel (RoJ)
Angel of Revelation (RoJ)
One of Seven (RoJ)
Angelic Warrior (RoJ)
Servant Angel (RoJ)
The Angel of Might (RoJ)
The Angelic Army (RoJ)
Angel from the Altar (RoJ)
Great Multitude (RoJ)
Good Enhancements
Flaming Sword (FoM)
Death of Firstborn (PoC)
Vengeance of Eternal Fire (RoJ)
Overwhelming Presence (I)
Everlasting Beings (RoJ)
Evil Characters
Abaddon, the Destroyer (RoJ)
Beast from the Sea (RoJ)
Beast from the Earth (RoJ)
Dragon’s Minions (RoJ)
Locust from the Pit (RoJ)
Locust from the Pit (RoJ)
The Haunting Spirits (RoJ)
The Frog Demons (RoJ)
Evil Enhancements
Evil Armor (Pi)
Blasphemies (RoJ)
Fearfulness (EC)
Tribulation (RoJ)
Worshipping Demons (RoJ)

Seven Lamps of Fire (RoJ)
The Seven Trumpets (RoJ)
Image of the Beast (RoJ)
Heavenly Temple (RoJ)
Words of the Accuser (RoJ)

Deck strategy and tips:

  • Use Servant Angel for speed, and The Strong Angel for rescue power.
  • With Son of God in hand, rescue with One of Seven to grab New Jerusalem for the "big 2" double-dominant rescue!
  • Abaddon can search out The Gates of Hell, which will help keep the battle going once it’s in play, giving you a chance for your block to be successful.
  • Seventh Seal can search out The Seven Trumpets, and can also be used as battle-winner, either offensively or defensively, if your opponent uses non-humans.
  • A great defensive combo is if you have special initiative while blocking, use Evil Armor to interrupt the battle and play First Bowl of Wrath to search out and activate Image of the Beast to negate your opponent’s  removing ability, which also cannot be interrupted since IotB is CBI.
  • Another good defensive combo is to use Evil Armor and to play Worshipping Demons, which will protect lost souls from rescue if IotB is active, or simply end the battle CBN.
  • Use The Frog Demons with Fearfulness to help stop your opponent’s banded heroes.
  • Reserve accessing cards: “Gain” Lost Soul, Seventh Seal, First Bowl of Wrath, One of Seven, Servant Angel, Angel from the Altar, Abaddon, Beast from the Earth, Dragon’s Minions, The Frog Demons, and Blasphemies.