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Rotation (Theme):  Revelation Angels / Revelation Demons - Your Turn Games

Revelation Angels / Revelation Demons

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It's War in Heaven!  This supernaturally-themed Contender Deck uses powerful angels to attack alone, or band as one strong angelic force to rescue souls, while strong and tricky demons block your opponent with powerful enhancements and soul-protecting abilities, which will help stop your opponent’s rescues.  The Revelation Angels / Demons deck is definitely a strong, fun, and thematic deck!  

See bottom for recommended cards you can purchase separately to help boost this deck’s theme, some of which are Classic cards to modify this deck to that format!

Updated:  02/15/22
Son of God (I/J)
New Jerusalem (I/J+)
Angel of the Lord (I/J)
Harvest Time (GoC)
Christian Martyr (I/J)
Lost Souls
Gain (RoJ)
Forsaken (CoW)
Open Hand (CoW)
Harvest (GoC)
Galileans (GoC)
Darkness (RoJ)
Accusers (LoC)
The Sea of Glass (RoJ)
The Great White Throne (RoJ)
Seventh Seal (RoJ)
Blindness (PoC)
Heavenly Temple (RoJ)
Patmos (RoJ)

Dual-Alignment Cards
War in Heaven (RoJ)
Fourth Bowl of Wrath (RoJ)
Fifth Bowl of Wrath (RoJ)
Fourth Seal / Death (RoJ)

The Strong Angel (RoJ)
Angel of Revelation (RoJ)
One of Seven (RoJ)
Angelic Warrior (RoJ)
Servant Angel (RoJ)
The Angel of Might (RoJ)
The Angelic Army (RoJ)
Angels of Wrath (RoJ)
Angel from the Altar (RoJ)
The Guiding Angel (RoJ)
Good Enhancements 
Glad Tidings (I)
Lost Coin Found (GoC)
Expelled from Heaven (GoC)
Overwhelming Presence (I)
Vengeance of Eternal Fire (RoJ)
Angelic Guidance (I)
Everlasting Beings (RoJ)
Evil Characters
Abaddon, the Destroyer (RoJ)
Beast from the Sea (RoJ)
Beast from the Earth (RoJ)
Dragon's Minions (RoJ)
The Haunting Spirits (RoJ)
The Frog Demons (RoJ)
The Fallen Star (PoC)
Evil Enhancements
Blasphemies (RoJ)
Shame (FoM)
Fires of Abaddon (RoJ)
Tribulation (RoJ)

Seven Trumpet Sounders (RoJ)
Trumpet Judgments (RoJ)
Second Bowl of Wrath (RoJ)
The Seven Trumpets (RoJ)
The Golden Altar (RoJ)
Mark of the Beast (RoJ)
Sword of Death (RoJ)
Words of the Accuser (RoJ)
Kings of the Earth (RoJ)
The Gates of Hell (LR)

Deck strategy and tips:

  • The offense focuses on strong hero abilities that work well when rescuing alone; however, since there are very few band abilities on these heroes, enhancements and support cards add to their banding abilities, making their rescues even stronger.  There are also powerful enhancements that will help you win the battle.
  • Like the offense, the defense has strong abilities on the evil characters, but it also has powerful enhancements to back up their blocks. 
  • Use Servant Angel for speed (draw power) and to search out some of your artifacts, as well as Heavenly Temple.  
  • The Strong Angel (TSA) has a powerful play ability and tosses enhancements with "negated" in the special ability.  This is strong as when TSA is banded into battle, your opponent's anti-banding enhancements that have Cannot be Negated in the special ability will be tossed, so this will help protect your banded angels from losing the battle!  Just make sure you use one of your banding cards to band in TSA, instead of the other way around, as he will toss this enhancement since it has CBN written in the ability.  Also, his play a Revelation enhancement when blocked ability is powerful, and there are plenty of those enhancements in this deck!
  • One of Seven is a great way to snag the New Jerusalem dominant from deck, if you already have Son of God in hand.
  • Give your heroes a strong rescue by using your cards that help your angels to band, such as Angelic Warrior, Everlasting Beings, and The Seven Trumpets.
  • COMBO:  When beginning a rescue attempt with The Angelic Army (TAA), play one of your good Dominants pre-block to not only benefit from that Dominant’s ability, you can also benefit from TAA's ability to negate and discard an evil card in a territory or set-aside area!  This will help get rid of a potential blocker in territory, or a pesky evil card in opponent's set aside area.
  • Seventh Seal is a great way to search out The Seven Trumpets, Trumpet Judgments, and Seven Trumpet Sounders, and can also be used as battle-winner, either offensively or defensively, if your opponent uses non-humans.
  • The Guiding Angel is a sneaky character as you can discard any Revelation card from hand (good, evil, or neutral) to take an opponent's Hero to territory, and you can use that hero for one round.  This is powerful as if you need another Hero to do some rescuing, and/or to take one of your opponent's best Heroes from him for one round!
  • Abaddon is a powerful CBN blocker that can negate a good or neutral card, and also can search out a Revelation demon, which will help set you up for a block next turn.
  • The Fallen Star is another powerful blocker as he can withdrawal all Heroes in battle CBN.  A nice combo is if you draw the Darkness lost soul in your opening hand, target The Fallen Star in your deck and immediately play him so that his territory ability will start disrupting your opponent's hand once he begins all of his searches! 
  • Try and play the territory-class demons, Beast from the Sea and Beast from the Earth, as early as possible so you can benefit from their abilities that are active while they're in territory.
  • Mark of the Beast is a strong Curse that can either help speed up your defense, or it can be used as a potential battle-winner.
  • The False Prophet has different brigades, so you can use some of your other non-orange cards on him, such as Second Bowl of Wrath.

YTG recommends the below cards as other viable options for this deck’s theme. You can view and purchase them by clicking on each one, or search for them here!

Classic cards

Suicidal Swine Stampede - a staple orange enhancement that banishes your evil characters in battle to shuffle all of your lost souls.

Swift Beings - a sweet silver interrupt that allows you to play the next enhancement.

Fallen Angel - a demon that can band to any demon.

Worshipping Demons - a powerful orange CBN Revelation enhancement that can situationally protect souls from rescue, and also ends the battle.

Prince of this World - a strong demon who is protected from lone heroes.

Captain of the Host - while not a Revelation angel, he is a very powerful hero that can negate several abilities, but doesn't negate banding, which will help with your heroes' band abilities.  Choose between the Warriors, Kings, or promo version to support the strategy you prefer!

The Strong Angel - Use the Warriors, Kings, or promo version of this hero, instead of the RoJ version, to further support the negation of characters and enhancements, like what Captain of the Host does.

Rotation cards

Red Dragon - a very powerful blocker, and a perfect fit for this deck!

Michael, the Archangel - Michael is a powerful hero and can band to any revelation angel.  His band to The Strong Angel is also very powerful.

The Binding Angel - a Revelation angel that can release Heroes and situationally capture demons.

John, the Apocalyptist - a powerful hero who can play any good Revelation enhancement also modifies those enhancements to be CBN!

The Wages of Sin - a powerful evil enhancement that will snag any of your evil cards, from deck or reserve, with a discard ability.  It is also recurable by its ability allowing you to underdeck it.

Dragon's Wrath - a powerful enhancement that will compliment this deck's theme perfectly as it targets all human heroes.  And, when played on Red Dragon, it cannot be negated!

New Jerusalem / Bride of Christ - a unique card that converts itself from a site to a Hero, and can search out your New Jerusalem dominant!

Shipwreck - a powerful dominant, this would be a great addition to the deck as, since most of your soul-gen options target your opponent's deck, you can get around deck protecting cards, like Storehouse (P), by using Shipwreck. 

Babylon / The Harlot - a unique card that converts from a site to an evil character.  And, a few cards in the RoJ theme work best with this card in play, such as Kings of the Earth and Merchants of the Earth.

Image of the Beast - a powerful artifact/idol that can target a good card in play or set-aside area with negation.

Golden Censer - similar to, but works opposite of the Image of the Beast, this is a Heavenly Temple artifact that can negate an evil card in play or set-aside area.

Classic and/or Rotation cards

King of Tyrus - one of the most famous demons in the game, King of Tyrus has been a boss blocker in all three versions!