Theme:  Ruth Heroes / Moabites

Theme: Ruth Heroes / Moabites

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The Book of Ruth is remarkable in many ways. Its events take place during the time of the Judges and represent a rare bright spot in an otherwise dark time. It also is unique in that its main character is not an Israelite! Ruth was a Moabite (a Gentile) who joined Israel by choosing to worship the one true God. Finally, the entire story, though a brief four chapters, is an incredibly thorough representation of the Gospel with Boaz being the foreshadowing of Jesus as the Gentiles’ kinsman’s redeemer. This Contender Deck not only tells the story of Ruth, but it also follows the lineage of Jesus, which is represented by the heroes in the deck’s offense, and some of the evil characters in the defense. 

Card value: $96.00 (60 cards)
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Son of God (I/J)
New Jerusalem (2019 winner promo)
Angel of the Lord
Christian Martyr

Lost Souls
6/* (FoM)
O.T. Only (FoM) 
Fool (RoA)
Female Only (Wo)
Blind (FoM)
Unfaithful (LoC)
Lost Boy (PoC)

Book of the Law (LoC) 

Marriage Covenant (LoC) 
Unsuccessful (PoC)

Threshing Floor (LoC) 

Moabite Camp (LoC) 
Land of Moab (LoC)

Dual-Alignment Cards
Death of Family (FoM) 

Boaz, the Redeemer (LoC) 
Ruth, the Redeemed (LoC)
Boaz' Foreman (LoC)
Elimelech (LoC)
Boaz' Reapers (LoC)
Amminadab, the Generous (LoC)
Nahshon, the Blacksmith (LoC)
Ram, the Exalter (LoC)
Obed, the Servant (LoC)
Salmon, the Cloaked (LoC)

Good Enhancements
Your God Will Be My God (LoC)
Ruth's Vow (LoC)
Shared Meal (LoC)
Boaz' Resolve (LoC)
Devotion of Ruth (J)
Harvest Season (LoC)

Evil Characters
Moab (FoM)
King Balak (FoM)
King Eglon (FoM)
Orpah (FoM)
Moabite Army (FoM)
Men of Moab (PoC)
Unrepentant Moabites (LoC) 
Foreign Wives (RoA)
David’s Servants (FoM)

Evil Enhancements
Stricken (PoC) 
Begging for Grain (Pa)
Balaam's Disobedience (Pa)
Idle Gossip (Wo)

Call Me "Mara" (LoC) 
Balaam's Prophecy (PoC)

Jesse, the Ephrathite (LoC)
Rahab, the Defender (LoC)
Preparing to Return (LoC)
Naomi's Blessing / Heartbroken (LoC)
Orpah Departs (FoM)
King Mesha (FoM)
Moabite Messenger (LoC)
Balaam (Di)
Chemosh Worship (FoM)
Scattered (RoA)

Deck strategy and tips:

  • The Ruth offense has been significantly boosted with many Ruth-related cards being released in LoC.  Whether it’s banding, CBN battle-winning Enhancements, protections, Reserve access, this offense does it all!
  • The defense works to protect your lost souls from being rescued, such as the powerful King Balak/Balaam combo, and King Mesha, coupled with powerful battle-winning enhancements, such as Scattered and Balaam’s Disobedience, as well as several search and draw abilities, all of which are sure to frustrate your opponent!  Additionally, in conjunction with the defense, the lost souls tend to help protect themselves from rescue, or punish your opponent's heroes when rescued. 
  • Almost all of your heroes have a meek side to them, which functions well with certain abilities that pair well with meek heroes. So be sure to use this side to maximize your offense. You can also reset your heroes from the special ability and/or meek side with cards like Book of the Law and Rahab. 
  • Ruth is one of your best heroes as Ruth enhancements played on her are CBN. 
  • Threshing Floor is a great way to add speed to your deck and to get a certain card you need. Just make sure you have several Ruth heroes in territory in order to maximize its effectiveness. 
  • Combo:  When blocking, use Idle Gossip to have your Rahab fight the rescuing hero in a side battle.  Then, use Rahab's hero bounce ability to bounce that hero(es).  This will most likely win you the battle, which will effectively cause you to win the main battle if that was the only hero in the main battle!
  • Balaam and Begging for Grain (BfG) can stop many of you opponent’s good Enhancements, but be careful as they will also negate your own evil Enhancements. However, a few of your evil Enhancements will still conditionally function after you play BfG as they are CBP or CBN. 
  • King Mesha works well with your good dominants as he can discard one of them to CBI protect your souls from being rescue. 
  • Orpah is a strong chump-block with her conditional CBP withdrawal ability. 
  • Unsuccessful is a powerful battle-winner when played as an enhancement as it can stalemate the battle, regardless if you’re losing by the numbers or not. Also, Balaam can recur it, since it’s an O.T. gray curse. 

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Famine in the Land (LoC)

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