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Classic (Splash): “Judging the Rebellious”

Classic (Splash): “Judging the Rebellious”

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Designed by Jayden Alstad, a multi-National tournament winner of several categories, this splash Contender Deck utilizes strong bands and Cloud cards for offensive synergy and a meek soul-hiding, kings and false prophets defense with plenty of chump blocks. This deck is great for manipulating Lost Souls to stall your opponent, potentially indefinitely, while your offense gets set up!

Son of God (I/J)
New Jerusalem (2019 winner promo)
Angel of the Lord
Led Astray (LoC)
Christian Martyr
Strife (I)

Lost Souls
(7) Meek Lost Souls

Gideon’s Ephod (FoM)
Urim and Thummim (Pi)
Golden Cherubim (RoA)

Oath of Purity (LoC)

High Places (LoC)

Dual-Alignment Cards
King Saul’s Spear (CoW)
Abijah, the Conqueror (LoC)

Moses (CoW)
Aaron, God’s Mediator (PoC)
Moses’ Parents (CoW)
Zadok (PoC)
Matthan, the Defender (LoC)
Gideon (CoW)
Rahab, the Defender (LoC)
Priests of Christ (RoJ)
The Angel Under the Oak (RoA)
Captive Priest (FoM)

Good Enhancements 
Eli’s Sound Advice (Di)
Faith of Moses (CoW)
Faith of Samson (CoW)
Faith of Gideon (CoW)
Plague of Darkness (FoM)
Faith (PoC)

Evil Characters
Ahaziah, the Wicked (LoC)
Gomer (LR)
Mattan, Priest of Baal (LoC)
King Manasseh (Di)
King Rehoboam (Di)
Damsel with Spirit of Divination (TxP)
Profane Daughters (PoC)
The Frog Demons (RoJ)
Messenger of Satan (EC)

Evil Enhancements 
Death of Unrighteous (Pa)
Suicidal Swine Stampede (Di)
Worshipping Demons (FooF)
Gibeonite Trickery (Pa)

Magic Charms (TxP)
Ezra, Favored by God (LoC)
The Bronze Laver (Pi)
All the Curses (LoC)
Unsuccessful (PoC)
Wasting Disease (PoC)
Hired Sword (LoC)
Treason! Treason! (LoC)
Kings of the Earth (RoJ)
Faith of Samuel (CoW)

Deck strategy and tips (by Jayden Alstad):

  • This deck takes advantage of using meek Lost Souls, so cards like High Places, Led Astray, and Treason! Treason! give a lot of value while Moses negates your opponents' Lost Souls.
  • In addition to being a strong counter card, Moses is really the heavy-hitter of the offense. Being in 3 brigades and not preventing Cloud cards, he can use all the Good Enhancements in the deck to great effect with the exception of Oath of Purity. You can also protect him with Moses' Parents and create a fight by numbers banding chain with Zadok and Aaron, God's Mediator.
  • Captive Priest is especially good on the first turn to get Priests of Christ into battle from your deck and likely search for an early Good Dominant in addition to being able to use all of your Good Enhancements. Captive Priest can also be useful later on to find Zadok or Aaron, God's Mediator for the band, or to pull Ezra, Favored by God from Reserve to take an artifact. And don't forget that Captive Priest also lets you take an idol so a your opponents' Golden Calf, Asherah Pole, Household Idols, etc. can easily be used to your advantage.
  • Protecting Gideon with Angel Under the Oak is a great way to get initiative and prevent Dominant blocks like Christian Martyr, Falling Away, and Led Astray. He can also tutor Faith of Gideon to ensure you have a battlewinner. On a Cloud Hero, Faith of Gideon can withdraw all blocking Evil Characters, or on any Hero you can choose to create a side battle which can be devastating when paired with Death of Unrighteous or Suicidal Swine Stampede to take out your opponent's Evil Character and shuffle your Lost Souls.
  • The key to the defense is to hide Lost Souls, especially by shuffling them into your deck with Death of Unrighteous and Suicidal Swine Stampede to redraw for extra speed from High Places. An even more valuable strategy is to use High Places to exchange Lost Souls with your opponent and then shuffle your opponent's Lost Souls back into their deck. If your opponent does not have a way to answer that, then you can potentially lock them out completely by "hiding" your Lost Souls in their Land of Bondage. Burial also gets you one Lost Soul closer to a lock out.
  • Another strong defensive combo is to use King Rehoboam to create a side battle between Rahab and another Hero in a territory. Rahab can bounce up to two Heroes so if you bounce Rahab and the attacking Hero, the opponent never has Special Initiative or a chance to negate Rahab with a Dominant. Adding cards like Household Idols to stop your opponent from banding and Whirlwind/Everlasting Ground to protect Rahab from opponents while in territory can really limit your opponents' options.
  • If you would like to add Household Idols to the deck, Gideon's Ephod may be a good choice to swap out, however Gideon's Ephod does provide the benefit of making your Death of Unrighteous regardless of protection, which can be especially useful against popular cards like Abigail, Melchizedek (PoC), and Faith Unbowed that protect Lost Souls. Just be sure to keep an idol around to make Worshipping Demons more powerful.
  • You may be thinking that only having four Evil Enhancements in the deck is a little risky, but Profane Daughters and Ahaziah, the Wicked together provide access to strong battlewinners in your Reserve that may be able to catch your opponent by surprise. The Frog Demons can also pull Kings of the Earth from Reserve to bring more Evil Characters in battle for your opponent to deal with.
  • The offense does not have quite as many options in the Reserve, but it does have a Faith of Samuel that can be pulled out with Faith so you have another interrupt and band to play on Moses or Priests of Christ, and then The Bronze Laver can help you draw into more offense by activating it during battle with Zadok.

Check out Jayden using this deck here!

Jayden recommends the below cards as other viable options for this deck’s theme. You can view and purchase them by clicking on each one, or search for them here!

Destruction of Nehushtan  

Vain Vision (PoC)

Asherah Pole (LoC)

Endless Treasures 

Household Idols (LoC)

Covenant with Moses (PoC)

Flying Scroll (PoC)



Manasseh, the Humbled / the Wicked

Acts of Manasseh

Eli the Priest (P)

Joshua, the Conqueror 

The Serpent (P)

The Deceiver