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Splash: “Postexilic Powerhouse”

Splash: “Postexilic Powerhouse”

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Designed by Jayden Alstad, a multi-National tournament winner of several categories, this Postexilic Contender Deck is incredibly fast in setting up a nearly unblockable offense while seeking to stall the opponent with a chump-blocking evil prophets defense. This deck takes practice to pilot, but pays off big once you've learned the cards well!

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Son of God (I/J)
New Jerusalem (old promo)
Angel of the Lord
Ride Victoriously / Awesome Things (LoC)
Guardian of Your Souls (Ap)
Christian Martyr
Vain Philosophy (J)

Lost Souls
Darkness (RoJ)
Distressed (PoC)
Foreigner (PoC)
Lawless (CoW)
Open Hand (CoW)
Prosperity (FoM)
Punisher (RoA)

Book of the Law (LoC)
Golden Cherubim (RoA)
Covenant with Abraham (PoC)
Covenant with Noah (PoC)
Flying Scroll (PoC)
Unsuccessful (PoC)

Dual-Alignment Cards
Delivered (PoC)
Warning Against Rebellion (CoW)
Persian Horsemen / Persian Horses

Achim, the Compiler (LoC)
Adam, the Exile (LoC)
Cherubim (FooF)
Eleazar, the Potentate (LoC)
Eliakim, the Expatriate (LoC)
Ezekiel, the Vindicated (PoC)
Ezra, Favored by God (LoC)
Haggai (PoC)
Jared, the Beholder (LoC)
Jehoshaphat, the Seeker (LoC)
Matthan, the Defender (LoC)
Terah, the Delayed (LoC)
Zechariah, the Renewer (PoC)

Good Enhancements
A Soldier’s Prayer (TxP)
Feast of Booths (LoC)
Feast of Trumpets (LoC)
Impartial Judgment (LoC)
Offering Your Son (PoC)
Triumphal Entry (PoC)
Wheel within a Wheel (FooF)
Zerubbabel’s Plumb Line (LoC)

Evil Characters
False Leaders (PoC)
Foreign Wives (RoA)
Profane Daughters (PoC)
The Lying Prophet (PoC)

Evil Enhancements  
Scattered (RoA)
Balaam’s Prophecy (PoC)

Joiada, Son of Eliashib (LoC)
Jeshua, the Restorer (LoC)
Book of Hozai (Ki)
Job Overcomes (Pi)
Zerubbabel’s Temple (LoC)
Noah’s Ark (Ark of Salvation) (PoC)
Image of Jealousy (TxP)
False Peace (PoC)
Wasting Disease (PoC)
Oath of Purity (LoC)

Deck strategy and tips (by Jayden Alstad):

  • The primary win condition in the deck is to play Impartial Judgment pre-block with as many meek Heroes out as possible to wipe the defense from your opponent's hand. Combine this with Heroes and Artifacts that bounce your opponent's Evil Characters to leave them with little to no blocking options.
  • The main way to play Impartial Judgment pre-block is with a banding chain of Heroes that includes a meek Jared (Shall Come Down) and a purple or gold Hero, and ends with Joiada, Son of Eliashib. Joiada can play Feast of Booths from your discard pile, allowing you to play Book of Hozai on Jared, which then allows you to play Impartial Judgment on your purple or gold Hero.
  • Job Overcomes can be used in similar situations as Impartial Judgment for nearly the same effect if your opponent happens to get down a lot of defense before you can bounce and wipe them.
  • The large banding chains in the deck are also all "Cannot be negated" or "Cannot be interrupted" so ending the chain with Zechariah, the Renewer to negate characters and enhancements makes for a very strong rescue if you know you can avoid Scattered and similar Evil Enhancements.
  • Jeshua, the Restorer is very important for the setup of the deck because cards like Zerubbabel's Plumb Line, Triumphal Entry, and Balaam's Prophecy aren't nearly as effective without him. Covenant with Abraham, and enhancements like Delivered and Offering Your Son to fetch it, make it very easy to grab Jeshua from Reserve in the early game and then grab Joiada when you're ready to go for the hand wipe.
  • Since the Contender version of the deck is missing out on some of the more expensive consistency pieces, such as Emmaus Road, Solomon's Dream, Book of the Covenant, and the "Exiles" Lost Soul, then try to maximize the profitability of cards like Book of the Law and Golden Cherubim by getting them out early and bouncing your opponent's Evil Characters before/when attacking with a meek Hero.
  • The defense is very slim, but sometimes that's a good thing! All the Evil Characters help you create card advantage and/or chump block the opponent so to buy time for your offense. This deck won't get too many successful blocks, which is why it's important that the offense be as fast and as powerful as it is.
  • Many times you'll be able to play most of the cards in your hand, which works really well to optimize card advantage with False Leaders. He's very easy to negate, bounce, or underdeck to shut him off, but if your opponent doesn't do that, then you'll probably be able to get a lot of value from replaying False Peace and Balaam's Prophecy whenever your opponent searches.

Check out Jayden using this deck here!

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