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Theme:  Female Heroes / Female Evil Characters

Theme: Female Heroes / Female Evil Characters

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Designed by Jayden Alstad, a multi-National tournament winner of several categories, this theme Contender Deck features only the women of the Bible, with the exception of a few genderless characters that fit the deck. This theme was potentially competitive at the peak of the "Water Garden" deck, but since then a whole new wave of strong releases and reprints of Heroes like Esther, the Courageous; Ruth, the Redeemed; and Hannah, an all-female deck is better than ever!

Card value: $95.50 (60 cards)
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Son of God (I/J)
New Jerusalem (old promo)
Angel of the Lord (J)
Christian Martyr
Strife (I)
Vain Philosophy (J)
Lost Souls
Female Only 
First Round Protect (AW)
Lost Boy (PoC)
N.T. Only (Ap)
Same Reference (RoA)
Speed Bump (Pi)
Thorns (Pi)
City of Refuge (PoC)
Dual-Alignment Cards
Fifth Seal / Justice Seekers (RoJ)
Fire Foxes (CoW)
Brother’s Conflict (FoM)
Hope (FoM)
Sin and Justice (FoM)
Lost Anointing (FoM)
Esther, the Courageous (PoC)
Hannah (PoC)
Miriam (PoC)
Naaman’s Servant Girl (FoM)
Priests of Christ (RoJ)
Rahab, the Defender (LoC)
Ruth, the Redeemed (LoC)
The Shunnamite Woman (PoC)
Good Enhancements
Your God Will Be My God (LoC)
Shared Meal (LoC)
Words of Encouragement 
Feast of Trumpets (LoC)
Ruth’s Vow (LoC)
Love Roghteousness (CoW)
Virgin Birth (PoC)
Gleaning the Fields (J)
Evil Characters
Complainers (FooF)
Job’s Wife (RoJ)
Medium in Endor (CoW)
Michal (CoW)
Profane Daughters (PoC)
Queen Vashti (PoC)
The Jeering Youths (RoA)
Evil Enhancements
Gibeonite Trickery (Pa)
Idol Worship (FoM)
Provoked (CoW)
Scattered (RoA)
Wickedness of the Tenants (Di)
Treachery of Jezebel (PoC)

Household Idols (Ap)
Magic Charms (TxP)
Marriage Covenant (LoC)
Unsuccessful (PoC)
Wasting Disease (PoC)
The Woman with Child (RoJ)
Boaz’ Resolve (LoC)
Hate Wickedness (CoW)
Joy (EC)
Overcome! (RoJ)
Deck strategy and tips:

  • As with most White offenses, this offense utilizes many of the strong interrupts and negates that keep your opponent on their toes. Smaller defenses will have a tougher time finding the resources to respond to your answers.
  • Pull Joy out of the Reserve with Hope or Fifth Seal and place it on Esther for some Voltron-style rescues.
  • Use Priests of Christ and The Woman with Child to fetch your dominants early and get off to an early lead and to have a good Dominant available to reveal for Overcome!
  • Speaking of Overcome!, use Shared Meal to interrupt your opponent's battlewinner and then play Overcome! (or another battlewinner) from Reserve to take out the Evil Character.
  • Most of the battlewinners on both offense and defense win without discarding your opponent's character and the majority of your characters are O.T. humans, so City of Refuge as a Site will usually give you a big advantage. Pair it with Ruth's Vow on Ruth, the Redeemed for more all-inclusive protection. Just be careful on the timing when you want to use your Angel of the Lord, Christian Martyr, Sin and Justice, or Wickedness of the Tenants. If it's hurting more than helping, use Fire Foxes to shuffle it back into your deck.
  • Use Profane Daughters and Feast of Trumpets to get Unsuccessful and Wasting Disease out of Reserve to complement Gibeonite Trickery and Honor Thy Enemy in "end the battle" abilities that are nearly impossible to answer.
  • Use Job's Wife to stop many of your opponent's threats while still having options like Wickedness of the Tenants, Provoked, and Lost Anointing which cannot be prevented.
  • Fire Foxes will usually get one chump block in every deck, but if you just need to stall a little longer while your offense gets set up, Gleaning the Fields can recur it to slow your opponent down.
  • Medium in Endor and Complainers are both sneaky blockers that can punish your opponent for splashing in a Jonah, using Heroes with non-optional search abilities while your Wasting Disease is active, or having a Hero that's big enough to always give you initiative. Plus, they do not grant special initiative, making them harder to stop.
  • The "Speed Bump" Lost Soul protects all Lost Souls from rescue by players with more than 10 cards in hand, so it helps a balanced deck like this play for the long game if needed. It does work for all players though so make sure you think about that before attacking with Hannah or using Words of Encouragement.

Check out Jayden using this deck here!

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