Throne of David Heroes / David's Enemies

Throne of David Heroes / David's Enemies

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The greatest king in Israel's history was undoubtedly King David (circa 1000 B.C.). Though he sinned much, he repented sincerely, and the Lord declares about him before (in 1 Samuel 13:14) and long after (in Acts 13:22) his life that he was truly "a man after's God's heart". During his early years, King Saul was his infamous enemy who directed his general Abner to kill David before he ever became king. The drama of these trials and afterward when he finally sat on the throne is filled with faithful friends, such as David's best friend Jonathan and his wife Abigail, as well as notorious characters like Doeg, Nabal, and Shimei. In all, the ups and downs of David's life and his heart of seeking to love the Lord through it all, with much repentance, pain, as well as joy, is an important model for Christian living.

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Son of God
New Jerusalem
Angel of the Lord
Christian Martyr
Harvest Time

Lost Souls
OT Only
Same Reference

David's Harp (Ki)

Covenant with David
Wasting Disease (PoC)

The Throne of David

Dual-Alignment Cards
King Saul (CoW)
Captive Princes
King Saul's Spear
David’s Census
Lost Anointing

David, God’s King
Abigail (RoA)
Bathsheba (FoM)
Prince Jonathan (Ki)
King Hiram
King Solomon
King Lemuel

Good Enhancements
Counsel of Abigail (RoA)
Out of Bethlehem
Valley of Salt (RoA)
Unified Kingdom
Faith of David

Evil Characters
Medium in Endor
Doeg (CoW)
Abner (Ki)
Michal (CoW)
Shimei (CoW)
Nabal (I)
The Amalekites' Slave (RoA)

Evil Enhancements
Shimei’s Malicious Curse
Wickedness of the Tenants
Give Us a King!

Deck Tips & Strategies:

  • The Throne of David is one of the best Fortresses in the game; search it out early with King Hiram or King Solomon to ensure a speedy and powerful offense!
  • Faith of David is a great battle-extender. Use it after your last Hero in battle is taken out to turn the tide and rescue a Lost Soul!
  • Harvest Time, Captive Princes, and The Amalekites' Slave are excellent at generating a Lost Soul to rescue if your opponent doesn't have one already in play.
  • Captive Princes can only add Doeg to battle, as he's the only crimson Evil Character in the deck.
  • Strife, Scattered, and Give Us a King! are excellent defensive options when facing multiple Heroes banded together.
  • Use Wasting Disease to slow down your opponent's offense by stifling either their searching or their territory.