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Classic (Brigade): Gold Offense / Evil Gold Defense

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The gold/evil gold deck is a nasty one!  The defense primarily discards cards from your opponent’s deck (known as “milling”), while the offense benefits by banishing the milled evil cards.  Combined with this synergy is a powerful offense that incorporates meek hero strategies, while the defense utilizes stall tactics and strong band abilities that act as a wall against your opponent’s offense. Check out the Contender Deck version here!

Son of God (I/J)
New Jerusalem (2019 winner promo)
Angel of the Lord
Christian Martyr
Vain Philosophy (LR)

Lost Souls
Discarder (FooF)
Foreigner (PoC)
Withdraw (AW)

Manna (PoC) 
Moses’ Staff (PoC) 
Book of the Law (LoC)

Judge's Seat (RoA)
Egypt (PoC)

Dual-Alignment Cards
Delivered (PoC)

Jeshua, the Restorer (LoC)
Abihud, the Progeny (LoC)
Eleazar, the Potentate (LoC)
Samson (J)
Samuel (CoW)
Ehud (RoA)
Jair (RoA)
Moses (G)
Shamhuth (Ki)

Good Enhancements 
Samuel’s Edict (RoA)
By My Spirit (LoC)
Ehud’s Dagger (RoA)
Faith of Samson (CoW)
Feast of Trumpets (LoC)
Feast of Booths (LoC)
Root of Jesse (LoC)

Evil Characters
Outsiders (Gold/Black) (RoJ)
Herod Agrippa II (TxP)
Salome (TxP)
Hadad, the Exiled (LoC)
Egyptian Wise Men (FoM)
Cursed Egyptians (PoC)
Egyptian Army (PoC)
Taskmaster (FoM)
Egyptian Charioteers (H)

Evil Enhancements 
Foreign Spears (LoC)
Reclaimed by Egypt (PoC)
Partner Abandoned (AW)
Wonders Forgotten (Pi)
Turn to Egypt (PoC)
Escape to Egypt (Di)
Sun Worship (FoM)

Jephthah (J)
Jephthah’s Daughter (FoM)
Plague of Disease (FoM)
Plague of Blood (PoC)
Appointing Judges (LoC)
Builder's Sword (LoC)
Besieging the City (Ki)
No Straw! (CoW)
Egyptian Horses (RoA)
Given Over to Egypt (RoA)

Deck strategy and tips:

  • The offense focuses on banish abilities that work best when combined with your defense’s mill abilities. The offense also has decent band abilities that synergize well with good warriors and meek heroes. Abilities that capitalize on your meek heroes rescuing are also a strong offensive tactic that should be utilized often.
  • The defense’s primary strategy is to mill your opponent’s deck. It also has strong band abilities and some stall tactics against your opponent’s rescue attempts. 
  • Use Manna’s star ability to play Jeshua to territory. Then, if you happened to draw the Foreigner soul the same draw phase, use Foreigner to topdeck a good card from reserve. Jeshua’s ability will then draw that good card.
  • Shamhuth is a strong hero who prevents non-weapons. A good amount of your enhancements will still work with him, however.  Also, a strong combination is to use Eleazar to band to Shamhuth. 
  • Herod Agrippa II has a strong ability:  After you withdraw your opponent’s heroes with certain of your evil enhancements, you can capture them. If the withdraw causes special initiative for your opponent he can still negate it; however, once he chooses not to negate it then he will not be able to negate it later once the capture happens (since his ability is CBN). 
  • Use Vain Philosophy to underdeck a good card from your opponent’s hand (hopefully it’s a good dominant!). Then, activate Manna to discard the bottom card of your opponent’s deck...which is the good card you just underdecked!  You can do the same with Escape to Egypt. Once your opponent underdecks a good dominant, on your next turn activate Manna to discard that dominant. 
  • If you have two heroes banded and have Faith of Samson in hand, and your opponent is blocking with two or more males, consider using Christian Martyr on one of your heroes in order to meet the lone rescuer requirement of FoS. You will almost be guaranteed to CBN win that battle if you use this tactic.
  • Moses’ negation of characters and enhancements is powerful, but obviously can also affect your own enhancements. No worries, though, as there are plenty of CBP or CBN enhancements in the deck/reserve that can still be played on him. Also, a neat trick to get around the negation of your own non-CBP/CBN enhancements is to play Plague of Disease to interrupt the battle (thus interrupting his on-going prevention of enhancements) and play any of your enhancements. 
  • Jeshua is a great card as he can draw the good card you topdecked (this works great with Book of the Law’s topdeck ability). Additionally, he can take Judge’s Seat from your deck (Jair can also target Judge’s Seat).
  • Root of Jesse is a powerful enhancement that’s best used in your prep phase before your meek hero enters battle (instead of using it in battle).  This is because when it’s used in your prep phase the protection cannot be interrupted during battle as the protection began in territory.  Samson is a great option to use this with as he is a strong rescuer.
  • Use Book of the Law to bounce your opponent’s evil human, hopefully causing him to have no other blockers in his territory. Then, rescue with a meek hero. Once he blocks from hand, BotL will allow you to search your deck for any good card (such as one of your good dominants or perhaps a battle-winning enhancement)!
  • A nice combo is to use Plague of Blood to discard any evil cards from the top 3 you revealed from a deck. Then, follow up by playing Feast of Booths to banish those evil cards to get up to a draw 3.
  • Sometimes order of operations can be confusing. Jephthah’s Daughter’s ability is an example of this. So here is how it plays out: attack with her, then banish her to add Jephthah to battle from reserve. His ability activates first before her choose the blocker ability does. So once you choose to use or not use his ability, choose the human from opponent’s territory to block Jephthah (if there’s a valid target).
  • Use the Discarder soul to discard an evil card in your territory so you can later banish that card with cards like Feast of Booths or Abihud to gain a benefit.
  • Opponent’s deck and hand protected by a good or neutral card? No problem. Activate Moses’ Staff to by-pass that protection when you use your plagues that target his hand or deck. Additionally, use Foreign Spears to discard the good card that’s causing the protection (such as the Storehouse promo).
  • Outsiders is a powerful card!  Time it right so you can maximize his ability to draw and/or underdeck cards in play. Just remember that it’s not a draw AND underdeck for the second part of his ability. It’s a draw and/or underdeck a combined amount of the targetable cards. For example, if your opponent has 5 good brigades, you can either draw 5, underdeck 5 cards, or draw and underdeck a combined amount of 5 cards (such as draw 3 and underdeck 2).
  • Egyptian Wise Men can target any good card in your Reserve (good or evil gold, since it doesn’t specify alignment). So if you don’t need an evil gold card while blocking, set yourself up for your next rescue by targeting a good gold card instead.
  • Use Cursed Egyptians to activate Given Over to Egypt onto them to mill the top card of opponent’s deck. Then, activate Manna to discard the bottom card of opponent’s deck during the same phase!
  • Besieging the City is an amazing card and a real annoyance to your opponent as it causes him not to be able to draw cards or rescue on his next turn.  Note:  this card has an errata that reads “Restrict opponent from making a rescue attempt or drawing cards (except by their opponents' special abilities) during their next turn.”

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