Grab Bag (500 cards)

Grab Bag (500 cards)

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You may be asking yourself:  Are the cards in each Grab Bag REALLY worth a million dollars?  Nah, but they're definitely worth way more than $35.00!

If you're new to Redemption and want to begin your collection with a BANG, or you just want to boost your existing collection, then YTG's Grab Bags are what you need!  Grab Bags contain 500 random Redemption cards from multiple expansions and include a variety of card rarity, from non-rarity to common to ultra-rare!  

Each Grab Bag includes multiple cards from each of these expansions:  Apostles, Patriarchs, Kings, Priests, and starter decks.  They also include cards from other expansions, such as Unlimited, Prophets, Angel Wars, Faith of Our Fathers, Rock of Ages, Disciples, and promos (you may even get some cards from the more contemporary sets!).  Note: some duplicate cards may get mixed in each bag, since the cards are randomly selected. 

Pick up your Grab Bag today to begin or boost your Redemption collection--at a fraction of the cost!

The term “bag” is used loosely as the cards actually come in a cardboard box.