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Joshua Heroes / Canaanite Warriors

Joshua Heroes / Canaanite Warriors

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Joshua, son of Nun, succeeded Moses as Israel's leader around 1400 B.C. He was known for his faith in God, as of the 12 spies only he and Caleb believed that Israel could enter in to the land of Canaan against its mighty inhabitants. Indeed, there were giants in Canaan! Yet God led the Israelites by Joshua through miraculous victories as they reached their Promised Land.

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Son of God (I/J)
New Jerusalem (old promo)
Angel of the Lord
Christian Martyr
Vain Philosophy (J)
Destruction of Nehushtan (Pa)
Strife (I)
Lost Souls
Thorns (Pi)
Fool (RoA)
Resurrection (I)
Foreigner (PoC)
Same Reference (RoA)
Wicked (FoM)
Site Guard (RoA)
Ram’s Horn (Pi)
Stalks of Flax (TxP)

Jericho (CoW)
Seventh Seal (RoJ)
Gibeonite Curse (RoA)
Dual-Alignment Cards
Foreign Sword (RoA)
Gibeonite Treaty (FoM)
Joshua, Son of Nun (CoW)
Caleb (FoM)
Rahab (CoW)
Captain of the Host (Ki)
Spy (Ki)
Spy (LR)
Mighty Men (FoM)
Captured Kinsmen (FoM)
Good Enhancements
Battle Cry (Pa)
Jordan Interrupted (PoC)
Sword of the Lord (PoC)
Hailstones (FoM)
Faith of Barak (CoW)
A Soldier’s Prayer (TxP)
Faith of Joshua (CoW)
Evil Characters
Sheshai, Son of Anak (FoM)
Ahiman, Son of Anak (FoM)
Talmai, Son of Anak (FoM)
Sisera’s Army (CoW)
Emim (FoM)
Army of Jericho (CoW)
Gibeonite Delegates (RoA)
Canaan, the Cursed (FoM)
Evil Enhancements
Baal Worship (FoM)
Ishbibenob’s Sword (I)
Foolish Advice (W)
Lahmi’s Spear (I)
Ishbibenob’s Spear (I)
Scattered Sheep (PoC)

Joshua’s Spear (FoM)
Caleb’s Sword (FooF)
Trumpet in Zion (PoC)
Hebron (FoM)
Og, King of Bashan (FoM)

Deck strategy and tips:

  • The offense is designed to overwhelm your opponent’s defense with high numbers as a result of your banded heroes. As such it relies on a lot of negates/interrupt good Enhancements, which this deck has, to stay in battle. The defense are powerful, high-numbered giants. Like your offense, you have several negate/interrupt options to help keep your giants in battle as you will most likely be giving up initiative.
  • The Joshua-Captain of the Host band is one of the strongest rescue options in the game.
  • For Soul Gen, attack with Spy while Rahab is in territory, or use Captured Kinsmen. But be careful, Captured Kinsmen negates all multi-brigade cards, including your own (such as Rahab, Trumpet in Zion, Jordan Interrupted, etc). So time it right when you capture him.
  • A great combo when you have special initiative is to use Battle Cry to band Mighty Men into battle from territory to negate your opponent’s battle-winning card. He will also give give you an additional band, or allow you to look at your opponent’s hand and draw.
  • Foreign Sword is a battle winner on Rahab, because she's a Canaanite.
  • Use Seventh Seal to take Trumpet in Zion from deck. It can also be used to help win a battle—offensively or defensively—if your opponent rescues or blocks with non-humans.
  • Faith of Joshua can search out Ram's Horn (Pi), as the reference on Ram's Horn is actually from Joshua (it was an error that has been corrected through a card errata).
  • Defensively, the tri-band of the Sons of Anak is awesome!
  • A great defensive combo is to have Sheshai blocking (he makes weapons CBP), and play Foolish Advice. All of your weapons can still be played, but your opponents will have a hard time being able to negate or interrupt your weapons since all of his enhancements are negated with Foolish Advice.
  • Emim is a good choice to use with the Site Guard lost soul as his immediate withdrawal ability can help you win the battle.
  • Reserve accessing cards:  “Foreigner” Lost Soul, Seventh Seal, Caleb, Sheshai, Ahiman, and Talmai.