Orders placed Sunday, 5/19 through Friday, 5/24 will be shipped Saturday, 5/25.

Online Redemption Community


Connect with other Redemption players throughout the U.S. and the world on the Discord app and the Cactus Game Design Message Boards!  Click the names below to download the app and visit the boards!

Discord app - This is where most Redemption players chat and ask quick ruling questions, trade cards, view new set spoilers, and engage in other Redemption-related discussions--all in real-time!  Once there, create an account and search for the "Redemption Gamers" server and join!  If you still need assistance, email info@yourturngames.biz and we'll send you a direct invite.

Cactus Game Design Message Boards  - A great place to view and post deck builds, past and present tournament information, and other great resources!