Rules & Guides


From a basic overview of how to play, to the latest errata, to comprehensive databases of every aspect of every card, these resources are musts for every Redemption player!

Redemption Overview A simple, concise, and very helpful one-page document explaining how to play Redemption. link
Rulebook - 4th Edition The latest Redemption rulebook, containing more details than the Overview regarding how to play, including how to build a legal deck. link
R.E.G. 6.0.0 The "Redemption Exegetical Guide" is an essential document that explains the ins-and-outs of every special ability, modifier, and effect in Redemption. It also contains the full deck-building requirements for Type 1 and Type 2. Finally, it contains an extensive glossary of all Redemption terms (except identifiers and references, which is found in the ORDIR document below). link
ORCID The "Official Redemption Card Information Database" contains the most up-to-date play-as and errata information for every Redemption card. It also doubles as an amazing research tool to learn the cards!
ORDIR The "Official Redemption Dictionary of Identifiers and References" explains Redemption abbreviations, lists errata, and provides a glossary of terms regarding identifiers and references.