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Videos, Tutorials & Online Play

Check out the many Redemption video and online resources that will help you learn the game, become a better player, enjoy booster pack openings, and online play!

Redemption with Jayden - Produced and hosted by Jayden Alstad, a multi-National tournament winner, playtester, and master deck builder, Jayden’s videos feature high-level play, deck building concepts, and introduction to Redemption play for beginners. Don’t miss out on Jayden’s wealth of experience and amazing Redemption skills!

RobM Studios - Produced and hosted by Rob Muyle, Rob features Redemption booster pack opening videos that are fun and engaging!

Untap - Untap is a great way to play Redemption online with others in the Redemption community, and is also a practical way to build and test decks with cards you may not yet own but will eventually purchase from YTG to construct a real deck! For a better play experience, login with your Redemption Discord account and you’ll be able to text and audio chat with other Redemption players!