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What is Redemption?

Redemption® is a collectible trading card game of biblical adventure.

Redemption is a biblically-themed collectible trading card game that offers strategic and competitive gameplay while also being a fun, interactive way to learn about characters and events from Bible times!

Players use Heroes to rescue Lost Souls, overcoming any Evil Characters that oppose them. Inspiration for all Redemption® cards is taken from the Bible.

The best place to start if you're new to the game is with a starter deck set. There are two starter decks in each starter deck set. Each deck is ready to play and is specially balanced to play well against the other deck. This allows two players to start playing immediately without having to learn how to build a deck. The new I/J+ Starter Deck contains the I/J starter decks plus an additional 6 new cards!

When the starter decks have been mastered, you can purchase another pre-built deck such as a Challenger Deck or Contender Deck. Challenger Decks are designed to be powerful, competitive, and legal for tournament play. Contender Decks are also tournament legal, and are even more powerful than Challenger Decks!

You can also purchase single cards to build your own deck!

New cards are being released regularly, usually at least once a year, so the game stays fresh and exciting year after year!

If you have any questions or need help getting start, please feel free to contact us at or call/text 812-583-3241. We'd be happy to teach you the game and even set up a time to play online!