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Rule and Play Changes

  • Activation Limits - Effective April 7, 2022, any card that can be activated multiple times has a maximum limit of 4 activations of any part of the special ability, per turn.  For example, if an opponent triggers Sheol, you can underdeck a Lost Soul up to 4 times that turn.  If you do this, however, you cannot use the add to battle ability.  However, if you use the underdecking ability 3 times in that turn, you can use the add to battle ability as your 4th activation.
  • Reserve Access - Effective November 1, 2021, no cards may be removed from any Reserve during the opening hand and first round of play.  This includes taking, playing, discarding, or any other form of card removal from the Reserve; any other form of Reserve interaction is authorized.  For additional information, click here.
  • Classic and Rotation Formats - Effective September 13, 2021, there are two types of formats for regular Type 1 and Type 2 constructed categories:  Classic and RotationClassic refers to all cards (except banned cards) may be used in deck construction.  Rotation refers only to cards that have the new card face (or the special ability being in the same box as the scripture reference) are permitted in deck construction.  For tournaments, only one of these formats may be offered for Type 1 or Type 2 play.  Either format may be offered for Local and District tournaments, while only the Rotation format will be offered for State, Regional, and National tournaments.  For additional information, click here.
  • Randomizing Who Goes FirstEffective September 13, 2021, when beginning a game, instead of the player who has the most Lost Souls in play determining who goes first, a random method will be used.  Once the decks are shuffled and cut, the players draw their 8 cards.  A random method (dice roll, coin flip, etc.) is used, and whoever wins that random method then chooses who will go first.  The player who is chosen to take the first turn then activates their star abilities, followed by the opponent activating theirs.  Then, the first turn player activates their Lost Soul abilities, followed by the opponent.  Finally, the first round begins.  The player going first does not draw 3 cards.  After that player's turn is over, the opponent then begins his turn by drawing 3 cards.  Play continues as normal after this.  For additional information, click here.
  • Type 1 & 2 Constructed Multiplayer are No Longer Sanctioned Categories - Effective September 13, 2021, these categories are no longer sanctioned.  This means they are no longer offered as an official category of play at sanctioned tournaments, and thus will no longer qualify for RNRS rankings.  For additional information, click here.

Card Information

  • Gospel of Christ Phase 2 is Redemption's Latest Expansion - The second phase of Gospel of Christ is due for release at then 2022 National tournament.  For additional information, click here