Classic (Theme):  Disciples / Demons

Classic (Theme): Disciples / Demons

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The disciples offense has always been a powerful and popular one! Now, with the reprint of the disciples in the Gospel of Christ expansion, it's more powerful than ever before!  Use multiple disciples to help win lost souls by utilizing various disciple-related and meek Hero strategies, while blocking with demons that tend to protect lost souls from rescue and also disrupt your opponent's hand!

Son of God (I/J)
New Jerusalem (I/J+)
Angel of the Lord
Christian Martyr
Harvest Time (GoC)

Lost Souls
Beggar (Di)
N.T. Only (Ap)
Demon Shuffler (AW)
Shut Door (Di)
Shuffler (Wa/Ki)
*/4 (Ki)
Female Only (Wo/H)

Four Drachma Coin (Di)
Covenant with Adam (PoC)
Send the Helper (GoC)
Blindness (PoC)

Fishing Boat (GoC)
Noah's Ark (Ark of Salvation) (PoC)
The Gates of Hell (TxP)
Jerusalem (GoC)

Dual-Alignment Cards
Judas Iscariot / Judas, the Betrayer (GoC)

Peter (I)
John, the Apocalyptist (RoJ)
James, the Younger (GoC)
Bartholomew (Nathaniel) (GoC)
Matthew the Publican (GoC)
Matthias (GoC)
Philip of Bethsaida (GoC)
Simon the Zealous (GoC)
Thomas the Twin (GoC)
Thaddeus (Di)

Good Enhancements 
My Lord and My God (Di)
Reach of Desperation (Wo/G)
Walking on Water (GoC)
Washed by Christ (GoC)
The Lord's Prayer (GoC)
Fishers of Men (I)
Spirit as a Dove (GoC)

Evil Characters
Prince of this World (Pi)
Trembling Demon (FooF)
Wandering Spirit (TxP)
Strong Demon (Di)
Fallen Angel (Pi)
Spirit of Temptation (TxP)
Damsel with Spirit of Divination (TxP)

Evil Enhancements 
Evil Armor (Pi)
Deafening Spirit (Pi)
Shame (FoM)
Suicidal Swine Stampede (Di)
Worshipping Demons (FooF)

James (I)
Andrew (I)
Untouchable (GoC)
Love One Another (GoC)
Raising Lazarus (I)
Passover Hymn (Di)
A New Commandment (Di)
The New Covenant (I/J+)
The Thief (Pi)
Twice Afflicted (J)

Deck strategy and tips:

  • The offense optimally runs on three main components:  good Dominants in hand, meek Heroes, and the more disciples you have in play, the better.  If you can accomplish anyone (or more) of these components, you'll have powerful  offensive advantages at your disposal.  Additionally, certain Heroes, such as Thaddeus, John, the Apocalyptist, Peter, and others can give you powerful benefits by either rescuing with them and/or by having them in play.
  • Thaddeus is a powerful hero whose CBI protection is very hard to overcome.  In order to make him more effective, the more disciples you have in play, the better.  Combine this with activating Covenant with Adam to help make Thaddeus' protection more effective.  Also, you can activate Covenant with Adam in the Ark of Salvation, freeing up your artifact pile for another artifact to be activated there!
  • A good number of your good Enhancements have a book of John reference, which are CBN when played on John.  So, consider using him to rescue when you have these enhancements in hand.
  • The defensive strategy is to “chump” block your opponent’s rescues by protecting your lost souls, or ending the battle, as opposed to trying to win the battle outright.  Additionally, the Lost Souls in this deck make it difficult for your opponent to rescue and require the right kind of rescuer to win them, adding an additional layer of defense your opponent must try and get around for him to win your lost souls.  The defense also has a minor hand disruption strategy, which will be a guarantee to annoy your opponent that much more!

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