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Dedicated Gamer subscription

Dedicated Gamer subscription

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Do you love Redemption to the point where you're purchasing more than once a month?  If so, then the Dedicated Gamer subscription is for you!  This subscription offers the most discounts and benefits and is designed for the player who frequently purchases from YTG.  For only $75 a year, you’ll receive all of the benefits from the Committed Gamer subscription, as well as additional benefits and discounts!

  • 5% off select product purchases!*
  • Free U.S. shipping on purchases of $15 or more!*
  • $10 credit for your birthday!*
  • Free YTG premium T-shirt OR playmat!
  • Exclusive offers, such as BOGOs, special offers, discounts, and more!

* Percentage discount, free shipping, and birthday codes cannot be used during the same purchase. 

Terms and conditions:

1. Subscription Services and Cancellations:  Each subscription is valid for one year from the start of the subscription.  Any related percentage discounts, promo codes and YTG Gear items will be emailed to the subscriber within 24 hours from the start of the subscription.  Subscriptions may be cancelled at anytime; however, if any product was received by the subscriber, or the cancellation occurred a month or longer into the subscription, then only the difference of the remaining months of the subscription will be credited to the subscriber.  Once a subscription cancellation is made, any unused benefits will no longer be available.

2. Promo Codes:  No more than one promo code may be used during any one purchase. No promo code may be transferred by the subscriber to any other person for use. 

3. Free Shipping Credits:  Free shipping credits only apply to USPS First Class Package rates, unless the order size is such that it must be mailed as Priority Mail.  No earned credit may be transferred by the subscriber to any other person for use.  If a free shipping credit is improperly used by the subscriber, the purchase may be declined and refunded.

4. Exclusive Offers:  Exclusive offers will be emailed to the subscriber at any time the offer is made available by YTG. The offer’s available duration will vary per offer and will be noted with each offer.  Exclusive offers may not be combined with percentage discounts and other offers that are based on promo codes. Exclusive offers may not be transferred by the subscriber to any other person for use. 

5. Percentage Discounts:  Percentage discounts are provided to the subscriber as a promo code, which will be emailed to the subscriber upon the start of the eligible subscription.  The promo code will be available for the duration of one year, or until the subscription is cancelled by the subscriber or by YTG.  Percentage discounts, in the form of a promo code, may not be used in conjunction with any other code, such as a free shipping code, during the same purchase.  Percentage discounts cannot be applied to pre-built decks.  Percentage discounts may not be transferred by the subscriber to any other person for use. 

6.  Birthday Credit:  Birthday credits are emailed to the subscriber at the end of the month prior to the subscriber's birth month, or within the first few days of the birth month.  The credit is valid during the entire birth month but expires thereafter.

7. Misuse of Subscription Services:  If it is learned that any of the terms and conditions of any of the subscription services are being or have been violated, YTG reserves the right to immediately cancel the subscription of the violator and not issue a refund—all or in part—or provide any further unused or undelivered benefit(s) to the subscriber.