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Prophecies of Christ
Prophecies of Christ

Prophecies of Christ

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Prophecies of Christ contains 222 new cards plus 18 Legacy rare cards:

6 Ultra Rare
72 Rare
144 Common
18 Legacy Rare

Each card pack contains
4 common or Legacy rare cards
1 rare or ultra-rare card

The approximate card mix for remaining 10 cards is:
5 cards from Faith of Our Fathers
2 cards from Rock of Ages
2 cards from the Unlimited Edition
1 foil card from Thesaurus ex Preteritus

Each Display box includes two new ultra-rare cards as part of the 24 card packs.

NOTE:  Prophecies of Christ released in two phases.  Phase 1 released last fall contained 129 new cards.  Phase 2 released 05/02/2019 contained 93 new cards and 18 legacy rare cards.  Both phases were eventually combined into the full set described above on 06/01/2019.