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2021 1st Place - Type 1, 2-Player:  Josh Portraz - "Who’s LaFS(ing) Now?” - Your Turn Games

2021 1st Place - Type 1, 2-Player: Josh Portraz - "Who’s LaFS(ing) Now?”

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The 2021 National tournament was an interesting one as quite a few decks teched against a powerful combination that was discovered a couple of months prior to the tournament. The “Love at First Sight / Pigs Lost Soul” (or LaFS) combo involved the opponent’s hand to be shuffled by and the subsequent draw 8 from Love at First Sight was prevented by the Pigs Lost Soul. This, combined with the combo being paired with a powerful Genesis heroes band won several tournaments leading up to Nationals. Many players began to enter into one of two camps: one that ran the combo, and one that countered it.  The ones that ran counter decks either modified their existing deck to include counter cards, or those who made a deck to specifically tech against the combo.  Many thought that, no matter how many counters there were to the LaFS combo, at least one LaFS deck would win Nationals, or at least make it to the top.  In a surprising turn of events, none of the LaFS decks made it to the top three, while the decks that did make it were straight counters decks or were regular decks that teched some against the combo.

Josh Portraz’s deck was one that was specifically built to counter LaFS, while also designed to hold its own against other powerful decks, such as Throne decks.  Josh's deck was primarily composed of a prophets offense with a gray defense that was supported by strong evil Enhancements that was geared towards anti-banding offenses.  In creating this deck, Josh was able to win 1st place, proving that no one combo or deck build could dominate the National tournament!

To read more about this powerful deck, read Josh’s deck analysis and report here!

Card value: $560.75 (50 card deck, 10 card Reserve)
Price: $475.00

Son of God (I/J)
The Second Coming (Borderless)
Angel of the Lord (I/J)
Three Woes (Borderless)
Chronicles of the Kings (non-UR+)
Destruction of Nehushtan (PoC)
Falling Away (Wo)

Lost Souls
Remnant (PoC)
Awake (PC)
Lawless (CoW)
Distressed (PoC)
Forsaken (CoW)
Accusers (LoC)
Hunter (FoM)

Endless Treasures (PoC)
Covenant with David (PoC)
Unsuccessful (PoC)

Storehouse (P)
Treacherous Land (PoC)
The Ends of the Earth (RoJ)

Dual-Alignment Cards
Delivered (PoC)

Jeremiah, Hope Bringer(PoC)
Daniel, the Apocalyptist (LR)
Elijah (PoC)
The Watchman (P)
Jonah (PoC)
Jacob (Israel) (CoW)
Amos (PoC)
Moses, Friend of God (PoC)

Good Enhancements
Plague of Frogs (G)
Two Bears (RoA)
Tested by Fire (PoC)
Offering Your Son (PoC)
The Emmaus Road (PoC)
Virgin Birth (PoC)
Out of Egypt (PoC)

Evil Characters
Proud Pharisee (TxP)
The Lying Prophet (PoC)
Captain of the Chariots (LoC)
King Rezin (PoC)
Foreign Wives (RoA)
The Deceiver (RoJ)
Foolish Shepherd (PoC)
Transgressors (PoC)
Distressing People (LoC)

Evil Enhancements
False Prophecy (PoC)
Balaam's Disobedience (Pa)
Lurking (P)
Stricken (PoC)
Scattered Sheep (PoC)

The Mighty Warrior (FoM)
Captive Priest (FoM)
Eve's Descendant (PoC)
The Great Fish (PoC)
Syrian Marauders (LoC)
Naaman's Chariot & Horses (FooF)
Damascus (EC)
All the Curses (LoC)
Covenant with Death (FooF)
Golden Calf (FoM)