Antediluvian Heroes / Evil Characters (w/ Reserve)

Antediluvian Heroes / Evil Characters (w/ Reserve)

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Antediluvian characters are those who lived before Noah's Flood, which Biblical historians estimate occurred around 4500 years ago (roughly 2500 B.C.). This era would thus span the 1500 years from Adam and Eve up until Noah and his family. It was marked by worldwide wickedness, which is reflected in this deck's Evil Characters.

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Son of God (I/J)
New Jerusalem (old promo)
Angel of the Lord
Christian Martyr
Harvest Time (P)
Strife (I)
Lost Souls
Wicked (FoM)
Fool (RoA)
Anti-Ignore (RoA)
Thorns (Pi)
Same Reference (RoA)
Resurrection (I)
Site Guard (RoA)
Pitch and Gopher Wood (CoW)
Covenant with Eden (PoC)
Serpent’s Curse (FoM)
Noah’s Ark (Ark of Salvation) (PoC)
City of Enoch (FoM)
Tree of Knowledge (FoM)
Dual-Icon Cards
The Flood (CoW)
Forbidden Fruit (FoM)
Second Bowl of Wrath (RoJ)
Adam (FoM)
Eve (Di)
Abel (CoW)
Enoch (CoW)
Noah (CoW)
Noah’s Wife (CoW)
Shem (CoW)
Japheth (CoW)
Shem’s Wife (FoM)

Good Enhancements
Eve’s Descendant (PoC)
The First Sacrifice (PoC)
Bless the Nations (PoC)
Faith of Abel (CoW)
Cup of Wrath (Pr)

Evil Characters
Cain (CoW)
Lamech, the Avenged (FoM)
Zillah (FoM)
Naamah (FoM)
Tubal-Cain (FoM)
Violent Men (CoW)
Corrupt People (CoW)

Evil Enhancements
Did God Really Say? (FoM)
Two Thousand Horses (Ki)
Shame (FoM)
Corrupt Earth (FoM)
Continuous Evil (CoW)
Death of Unrighteous (Pa)

Cain Murders Abel (CoW)
The Serpent (P)
Covenant with Adam (PoC)
Ham (CoW)
Disobedience (Pa)

Deck strategy and tips:
  • Use Tree of Knowledge to search out The Serpent, which is a powerful blocker.
  • Use Eve's ability with multiple Heroes in territory to obtain more Heroes and human Evil Characters.
  • Use Noah's ability to set up banding combos, exchanging who you don't need with who you do need (depending on the situation).
  • After using The Serpent's ability to paralyze a Hero and restrict your opponent from using good Dominants, its low numbers will typically give you initiative to play Death of Unrighteous (thereby not giving your opponent the opportunity to negate The Serpent).
  • A good combo is to use Cup of Wrath to create a side battle and use one of your low numbered characters, such as The Serpent, to play cards like Corrupt Earth or Anthropophobia (evil Enhancement side) to discard your opponent’s blocker, which will be hard for your opponent to stop.