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Battle Box (200 cards)
Battle Box (200 cards)

Battle Box (200 cards)

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Prepare for Battle!  YTG's Battle Boxes contain 200 cards for you to custom build two 50-56 card decks, with extra cards for a Reserve or to swap-out with other cards in your deck.  The boxes are a great way to play with or teach the game to others, and also build your "arsenal" of cards, all while saving you a ton of money!  So, if you're new to Redemption, want to play casually with a friend, lay a foundation for tournament deck building, and increase your collection, the Battle Box is the way to go!

What’s in a Battle Box:  Each box contains 200 cards from multiple expansions, including several cards from some of the most recent expansions, and are comprised of cards ranging from common to ultra-rare rarity! 

How Battle Boxes are Designed:  The cards are split evenly between two players (100 cards per player).  Each player's cards, or builds, contain two brigades for the offense and defense, as well as support cards and other card types.  Several of the cards in each build are selected with certain combinations and strategies in mind, in order to make the offenses, defenses and support cards interact well within the builds.  Each build is also designed with your opponent’s offenses and defenses in mind, offering unique counters and strategies that will help you overcome your opponent!  These purposeful designs help make the builds/card interactions flow well, and also make game play fun and challenging!  

Battle Box Structure:  The following is the structure of each player's 100 card build (see photos for an example Battle Box):

- 3 Dominants (Son of God, Angel of the Lord, Christian Martyr)

- 7 Lost Souls (at least two with special abilities)

- 9 support cards (such as Artifacts, Covenants, Curses, Fortresses, Sites, and/or Cities)

- 1 Dual-Alignment card

- 12 Heroes from one brigade, 12 Heroes from another brigade

- 8 good Enhancements from one brigade, 8 good Enhancements from another brigade

- 12 Evil Characters from one brigade, 12 Evil Characters from another brigade

- 8 evil Enhancements from one brigade, 8 evil Enhancements from another brigade

Also, each Battle Box is unique as they will never contain all of the same cards as any other box!

So, prepare for battle by picking up your Battle Box today!

We highly recommend purchasing card sleeves with your Battle Box as the cards vary in size, and sleeves are also required for tournament play. Check out our wide selection of sleeves here!