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Classic Battle Box (200 cards) - Your Turn Games
Classic Battle Box (200 cards) - Your Turn Games

Classic Battle Box (200 cards)

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The price of the Classic Battle Box is an amazing deal as each 100 card build comes out to only $27.50 ($7 of this is the value of the New Jerusalem card alone)!  It's a well-crafted and well-designed product for bridging the gap between starter decks and intermediate level play, and the price is lower than the total value of the cards included!

What’s inside:  200 cards from multiple expansions and starter decks.  Each Battle Box is unique and they will never contain all of the same cards as any other box! 

Design of Classic Battle Boxes:  The cards are split evenly between two players (100 cards per player).  Each player's cards, or builds, contain two main brigades for the offense and two brigades for the defense, as well as support cards.  Several of the cards in each build are selected with certain combinations and strategies in mind, in order to make the offenses, defenses and support cards interact well within the builds.  Each build is also designed with your opponent’s build in mind, offering counters and strategies that will help you overcome your opponent.  These purposeful designs help make the card interactions flow well and make gameplay fun and challenging!  

Classic Battle Box Structure:  The Heroes, Evil Characters, and Enhancements are almost equally split between the primary brigades, and there are a few multi-brigade characters and enhancements so they can be used with more than one brigade.  The following is a list of each player's 100 card build:

- 5 Dominants (Son of God (I/J), New Jerusalem (I/J+), Angel of the Lord, Christian Martyr, and a varying dominant)

- 8 Lost Souls (5 with special abilities, 3 meek)

- 9 support cards (such as Artifacts, Covenants, Curses, Fortresses, Sites, and/or Cities)

- 4 Dual-Alignment cards

- 22 Heroes

- 16 Good Enhancements

- 20 Evil Characters

- 16 Evil Enhancements

Prepare for battle by picking up your Classic Battle Box today!

We highly recommend purchasing card sleeves with your Battle Box as the cards vary in size, and sleeves are also required for tournament play. Check out our wide selection of sleeves here!