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Rotation (Theme): Gospel Angels / Gospel Demons - Your Turn Games

Gospel Angels / Gospel Demons

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A spiritual war awaits you and your opponent!  Designed by Derek Tirado, a National tournament top ranking player, and the founder & former owner of Your Turn Games, this Contender Deck features a powerful offense comprised of Gospel angels, many of which have strong band abilities, while the defense is made up of Gospel demons that utilize placed cards which disrupt your opponent's territory and overall strategy, and helps control his offense!  You don't want to miss out on this powerful deck that's hot off the Gospel of Christ press!

Check out a video overview of this deck here:

Not only does this deck serve as a legal Type 1 constructed deck, you can easily convert it to a GoC Only constructed deck to use in that format as well, since many of the cards are from the GoC expansion, thereby essentially giving you two decks for the price of one!  See bottom of page for additional details.

See bottom for recommended cards you can purchase separately to help boost this deck’s theme!
Son of God (I/J)
New Jerusalem (I/J+)
Angel of the Lord (I)
Christian Martyr (I/J)
Rubble and Dust (FoM)
Lost Souls
Revealer (GoC)
Defiled (GoC)
Shut Door (GoC LR)
Undesirables (GoC)
3 N.T. Meek (I/J)
Cursed for Us (GoC)
Chamber of Angels (GoC)
The Gates of Hell (GoC LR)
War in Heaven (RoJ)
Temptation in the Wilderness (GoC)

Magnifying Multitude (GoC)
The Messianic Messenger (GoC)
The Heavenly Hosts (GoC)
Resurrection Revealer (GoC)
The Comforting Cherubs (GoC)
The Ministering Spirit (GoC)
Angel of the Harvest (GoC)
Legion of Angels (GoC)
The Expatriator (GoC)
Guardians from Glory (GoC)
Angel of Warning (GoC LR)
Good Enhancements
Gathering Angels (GoC)
Expelled from Heaven (GoC)
Lost Coin Found (GoC)
Wheat and Tares (GoC)
The Annunciation (GoC)
An Angel Appears (GoC)
Angelic Guidance (I)
Evil Characters
Prince of this World (GoC)
The Accumulator (GoC)
The Thief (GoC)
The Sordid Spirit (GoC)
Strong Demon (GoC)
Possessing Spirit (GoC)
Evil Spawn (GoC)
Restless Spirit (GoC)
Afflicting Spirit (GoC)

Evil Enhancements
Deafening Spirit (GoC)
Sin and Blasphemy (GoC)
Suicidal Swine Stampede (GoC)
Two Possessed (GoC)
Hate the Light (GoC)
Driven by Spirits (GoC)

Gabriel (I)
The Child is Born (GoC)
Flight into Egypt (GoC)
Destroying Spirit (GoC)
Wandering Spirit (GoC LR)
Snaring Spirit (GoC)
Choked Seed (GoC)
Destructive Sin (GoC)
Deteriorating Condition (GoC)
Evil Armor (GoC)
Deck strategy and tips:

  • The offense has a mix of different sub-theme Gospel angels, such as Nativity, Empty Tomb, and generic ones; however, they all synergize very well.  The offense also has strong banding and a variety of other abilities that make it difficult for your opponent to stop you!
  • The defense utilizes evil placed cards to disrupt your opponent's territory and overall strategy.  Additionally, the defense has several ways to manipulate your opponent's attacks, allowing you to "chump block" your opponent's rescues. 
  • If you want to overwhelm your opponent with large numbers, use banding angels, such as The Expatriator, Messianic Messenger, Guardians from Glory to form a formidable banding chain!
  • Try and play Resurrection Revealer early (make sure you have another Gospel angel in play as well) so you can negate your opponent's neutral cards. 
  • Need soul gen?  Use Angel of the Harvest or The Comforting Cherubs to enter battle and soul gen.
  • Angelic Guidance is a great card!  It can let you look at your opponent's hand and see what he has, then you can snag a silver card from deck.  Since you know what's in his hand, you can get the right card that you need for the upcoming battle, or get a card that will help set you up with a pre-battle advantage. 
  • If you have The Annunciation, but don't have a Nativity hero to play it on, use An Angel Appears or Angelic Guidance to take one from deck.  Conversly, if you have a Nativity angel but not The Annunciation, use Angelic Guidance to take it from deck.  The Annunciation can quickly get you one of your good Dominants, particularly Son of God if you have New Jerusalem already (or vice versa).  You can also use it in battle, but this is trickier to do, due to it negating other cards (except good Nativity cards). 
  • At the right time, use Gabriel to recur one of your best silver enhancements from discard pile. 
  • A strong combo is to have one of your orange placed cards on one of your opponent's heroes in territory, then use a card like Temptation in the Wilderness or Afflicting Spirit to bring that hero into battle.  Then, use Rubble and Dust to discard that hero in battle!  You can also place one of your orange cards who's already in battle, then use Rubble and Dust at that time.
  • If you don't have any demons in territory or hand, but you have one or more on your opponent's cards in their territory, you can use Wheat and Tares to bounce that/those evil characters to hand during your discard phase to give yourself a blocker for your opponent's upcoming turn.
  • Use a low-numbered demon to block with, then, when you have initiative, use Suicidal Swine Stampede to discard that demon to shuffle all Lost Souls in your territory.
  • There are so many tricks and combos with the placed evil card strategy, so be sure to read through all of your defensive cards so you can find them all!

YTG recommends the below cards as other viable options for this deck’s theme for Type 1 and/or GoC Only constructed play.  You can view and purchase them by clicking on each one, or search for them here!

To convert this deck to a GoC Only constructed deck, remove all cards that do not have GoC or GoC LR after each card title from the deck and Reserve.  You can then add any number of GoC or GoC LR cards from the Reserve to the main deck, in order to make the main deck a minimum of 50 cards.  You'll also need GoC or GoC LR lost souls to replace any non-GoC cards (purchase separately).  Another option is to purchase GoC cards separately to replace the non-GoC cards in the deck / Reserve (see below list of recommended GoC cards).

GoC cards

Striking Herod

Betraying Christ

Sword of Light

Angel Party

Crown of Thorns

Burning up the Chaff

Concealed Riches

Crowd's Choice

Gabriel, Mouth of God


Gifts of the Magi


Grapes of Wrath

His Sacrifice

House Divided

Kingdoms of this World

The Cross

The Manger

Rotation cards

The Serpent

The Wages of Sin


Dragon’s Wrath

Three Woes

The Second Coming

Chronicles of the Kings

Red Dragon


The Judean Mediums

Faith Unbowed

King of Tyrus

The Fallen Star